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If you’ve ever thought the asphalt of your commercial parking area resembled the skin of an alligator there’s a reason: Your lot is suffering from “alligator cracking.” When asphalt ages and deteriorates, its surface typically splits into a reptile scale pattern. The size of the scales and depth of the cracks depend on what caused them. Parking lot cracking becomes a bigger problem when it’s ignored. Before those fissures turn into more dangerous potholes, call Integrity Paving for alligator cracking repair in Central Texas.

What Causes Alligator/Block Cracking?

In order for your asphalt paving to retain its integrity, the ground underneath must remain solid enough to support it. Over time, if cracks appear and allow rain to seep under the surface, the soil will erode and shift—causing uneven pockets that can’t support the asphalt or the vehicles driving on it. What’s more, the Texas heat in summer can cause asphalt to expand and eventually crack.

If your original installer used too thin a layer of asphalt, it may hold up for a while; but it will disintegrate faster than a properly applied surface—especially if heavy traffic is parking on or driving over it.

Repairing Alligator Cracking in Your Commercial Lot

Our Central Texas team at Integrity Paving will discuss your block cracking problem with you and suggest what we believe is the best way to address your repair needs. When assessing alligator cracks, we first determine the cause: This includes evaluating the asphalt’s subbase to ensure it is stable. If we determine it is, the block cracking may be a result of years of exposure to Central Texas weather conditions; in that case, the solution could be as simple as applying a crack filler. This prevents further damage by keeping water from seeping under the asphalt. A seal coating at regular intervals will help prolong the life of your parking lot or private road.

On the other hand, if the subbase is unstable, the best approach might be to remove the existing asphalt and isolate the problem with the subbase. We can recommend solutions that go to repairing the subbase—compacting and leveling it so that its aggregate layers properly support the new surface. We can then safely pour a new coat of asphalt and make sure we’re protecting your investment.

Why You Should Fix Block Cracking With Integrity Paving in Central Texas

There’s a reason we named our company Integrity Paving. Integrity is the bedrock of everything we do and how we treat our customers. While many company owners assess a job by how much they can get out of it, even to the point of overselling, we believe the best way to do business is to be honest and determine not what is best for us, but what is best for our customers—70 percent of whom are repeat customers or referrals of existing customers. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with our customers and of how many are now our friends.

When you have questions about your paving, repair, or coating needs, we have answers. We pride ourselves on our transparency: We always let you know what you need and what it will cost. We give you options to help you balance immediate needs with financial constraints. When the asphalt on your parking lot or private road is cracking, call Integrity Paving for the best alligator cracking repair in Central Texas.

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