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If you own or manage a business with a busy parking lot, consider installing speed bumps to deter dangerous behavior. You are responsible for keeping your commercial property safe for visitors, and speed bumps can help avoid accidents.

At Integrity Paving, we have the knowledge and experience to do the job right, including coordinating our employees and ensuring we have the materials to finish the job on time, so your customers are not inconvenienced. If you are considering speed bump installation in Central Texas, contact us for a free consultation and to learn more about our comprehensive parking lot services.

Benefits of Speed Bumps

Speed bumps make a great addition to busy parking lots and private back roads in Central Texas. Along with encouraging traffic safety because drivers must slow down, speed bumps:

  • Prevent accidents
  • Protect pedestrians
  • Control the flow of traffic
  • Reduce noise level generated by high-speed traffic

Although speed bumps are sometimes constructed using rubber, metal, or plastic, they are less durable than asphalt and concrete and usually need to be replaced annually. During your free consultation, our experts can explain the process of installing speed bumps, how your business will benefit, and the necessary financial investment.

How Speed Bumps Are Installed

We begin by surveying your Central Texas parking lot, marking, and preparing the sections determined to be the best placement for speed bumps. Speed bumps are typically about two or three feet wide and several inches high. However, we’ll tailor the size to your property, preference, and needs. Then, we’ll saw cut the existing asphalt in the locations chosen for the installation.

We lay a base coat of asphalt in the saw cut area and tamp it so it settles correctly in the space. We then build the layers of asphalt, raking, tamping, and cleaning as we go. We use a plate compactor to finish forming the bump while we continue to tamp where necessary.

The asphalt is left to cool completely for at least an hour, after which it can be striped. This is done to draw your customers’ attention so they know to slow down. The striping takes at least an hour to dry before the area can be opened back up to motorists.

Keep Your Central Texas Business Safe by Installing Speed Bumps

At Integrity Paving, we’re proud to treat our customers as partners who trust us and return for other services. If your business would benefit from speed bump installation in Central Texas, call us today for a free estimate.

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