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What will happen if you see cracks in your asphalt-paved parking lot and ignore them? Plenty, and none of it is for the better. Cracks turn into potholes that deepen into craters. For professional pothole repair services in Central Texas, turn to Integrity Paving. We are committed to providing our customers with the best asphalt paving and repair services in the area.

What Is a Pothole?

Potholes grow. New potholes, or asphalt depressions, may seem innocent enough at a few inches wide and deep, but they can grow to several inches deep and many feet wide. They begin as tiny cracks in asphalt surfaces that allow water to seep in, eroding the soil below the surface into a divot-shaped hole. Sometimes, the water damage originates in the groundwater that bubbles upward through the pavement.

As an asphalt surface ages, more cracks form. These are made worse over the years, as traffic pounds across and puts pressure on the weakening pavement. Fixing potholes is made even more important in Central Texas by our weather, where the heat deepens and widens the holes and cracks by making them expand and contract.

How To Repair Potholes in Central Texas

Before your problems escalate, give us a call. At Integrity Paving, our solemn pledge is to provide you with quality work: We take pride in delivering a product and service that stands out from the rest at a fair price and with an interest in your circumstances. That means you won’t be oversold on work you don’t need.

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We’ll evaluate what it takes to fix the problem and suggest which pothole patching method we believe is most suitable to your situation and why. We honor the commitment we make to you to do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. We’re happy to work around your schedule and budget for pothole repair services in Central Texas. We point to our satisfied customers—70 percent of whom are repeats and referrals. Join our circle of friends, where Integrity and honesty are always found. Contact us.

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