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An orderly and well-maintained parking lot is a welcoming approach to any business. When cracks in an asphalt parking lot’s surface appear, they should be addressed as soon as possible. Don’t let the cracks get worse—because they will—as water fills them and seeps beneath the surface.

Keeping your customers and employees safe by ensuring your parking lot is in top condition is what we do. Instead of stressing about the cost of replacing your entire asphalt parking area, we can advise you on how to repair it. When you need professional alligator cracking repair in Pflugerville, call Integrity Paving for a free consultation to discuss your asphalt and paving repair needs.

What Is Alligator Cracking?

About 85 percent of all parking lots use asphalt surfaces, for a number of reasons. Asphalt is quieter to drive on than concrete. Asphalt also generally holds up well over time, although it can occasionally display some cracking. In fact, alligator or block cracking is quite often seen in asphalt parking lots and roadways—even those that don’t see heavy traffic.

Block cracking is usually localized to between one foot to several yards in size. The area will feature multiple cracks that get deeper as they spread. In Pflugerville, consider fixing any alligator cracking sooner rather than later: The problem is much easier to fix when the cracks are less than a half-inch wide; it only gets worse as they deepen and widen.

Repairing Block Cracking

Over time, the original asphalt agent of a surface hardens and becomes brittle. With our hot summers, Austin weather causes the pavement to expand and contract, cracking and breaking the now-brittle asphalt into blocks. Sometimes, the wrong binding agent was used during the original installation, which can also cause the asphalt lot to crack prematurely.

We stand behind our name, Integrity, and are proud to offer the best quality alligator cracking repair services in Pflugerville at a price that is fair. We can seal very narrow cracks, which will prevent additional water damage and add years to the life of your parking lot. Larger block cracks are more complex to fix and require removing and replacing the damaged sections. Keeping your parking lot debris-free allows you to regularly check for cracking and address the problem before it festers.

Why Integrity Paving Is Your Best Choice for Alligator Cracking Repair Needs in Pflugerville

We listen to our customers. What they need and want is what we strive to deliver. In our conversations, we have learned what you consider important when hiring a paving and coating contractor:

  • Integrity
  • Honest interactions
  • Great communication
  • Timely availability to begin and complete the job
  • Flexibility about how customers pay and when a project will least impact traffic
  • Excellent logistics around coordinating our workers and material deliveries so the project runs smoothly

We value our integrity so much that we named the company after it. Treating our customers ethically has resulted in many repeat customers and referrals. Let us bring our core values to your alligator cracking repair in Pflugerville and surrounding areas. Call today to get started.

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