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9 Useful Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

Sweep it Clean.
Keeping your parking lot clean of debris, including rocks, leaves, and dirt, is not only beneficial to its appearance and safety for the cars and pedestrians using it, but it will extend the life of your asphalt. Dirt and debris can impede drainage, leading to standing water on the surface of the pavement. Over time this causes the surface to break down and allows water into the sub base, softening it, and creating cracks and potholes.

Checkup time.
While making routine sweeps around your lot check for other problems. Cracks and holes are all threats to your asphalt’s long, full life, and finding them right will lower repair costs.

Clear it out.
Clearing and maintaining proper drainage is another way to add years to your asphalt. When your drain is backed up it isn’t only unattractive but it hides hazards, and the standing water will wear down the pavement’s stability. These first three can be done simultaneously and put into your maintenance crew’s routine.

Master the cracks.
Eliminating weeds out of the cracks quickly will prevent long term, irreparable damage. Their roots can push through the asphalt, break down the surface, and create tripping hazards.

Fill ‘em up!
Filling a crack quickly will help keep water and vegetation out, allowing your asphalt to stay dry, solid, and strong. Not all cracks require sealing, but if the cracks are wide and deep enough for it, sealing them as soon as they appear is the best strategy. If you are unsure if your crack needs to be filled, call Integrity and we will walk your property and give you a free estimate. Don’t wait, call the experts!

Foil the oil.
Aside from an unattractive stain, oil can cause similar problems as water: breaking down the pavement’s integrity and weakening the surface. There are a many household methods for removing oil stains! Try out baking soda and Coca-Cola but do it before the oil stain gets too settled.

Stripe it.
Striping can not only gives your pavement a fresh look, it can also redirect traffic and spare some wear and tear. If tires are traversing and over the same spots again and again, day after day, chances are those spots could use a break. Redirect, restripe, and reveal a freshly designed parking lot.

Seal it.
Seal coating your pavement every three years prevents a multitude of problems, slowing the natural breakdown of materials and preventing water, debris, and other elements from ruining your parking lot.


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