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Why Choose Integrity Paving and Coatings

Why Choose Integrity Paving & Coatings Your one stop source for any parking lot services. We evaluate, estimate, plan, and complete your project with minimal impact on your tenants and your daily business. Committed to excellence in communications before, during…

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Repairing Asphalt For Long Term Results

Repairing Asphalt for Long Term Results The first step in parking lot maintenance is awareness and prevention.  Are tree roots damaging the asphalt? Is water deteriorating a specific area?  Are trash trucks damaging the asphalt? Or, is a particular area…

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Crack Fill vs. Replacing Asphalt?

Crack Fill vs. Replacing Asphalt? Crack Fill is your first defense against significant pavement deterioration. Crack Fill is a mix of asphalt and rubber, installed in cracks between 1/8” and 1” wide. It seals cracks to prevent water from damaging…

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Spec+Plus Crack Sealer

Spec+Plus Crack Sealer is an upgraded formula for sealing asphalt and concrete parking lot cracks. Spec+Plus A highly modified, single component, hot applied, rubber/asphalt joint and crack sealant. It is an elastomeric sealant (FLEXIBLE) which is compatible with and bonds…

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Why Seal Coat Your Parking Lot?

Seal Coating is the most important element of a pavement management plan. Properly applied seal coat protects asphalt surfaces against gasoline, oil, salt, water and ultraviolet rays. Asphalt is preferred for parking lots because it provides excellent waterproofing, flexibility and adhesive properties at an…

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