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Seal Coating is Powerful in Central Texas!

Seal coating is the lifeline to your asphalt pavement. It should be part of your routine asphalt maintenance program, which should include filling potholes and cracks as soon as they appear and reapplying seal coating to the entire paved surface every three years. The benefits of seal coating are not only aesthetic, but it also protects against a plethora of things that can shorten the life of your asphalt.

  • Sun – UV rays can weather your asphalt just as it can damage the human skin when subjected to excessive exposure to the sun. Your asphalt will become brittle and lose its moisture thus being susceptible to cracks and potholes.
  • Oxidation – When exposed to oxygen the binders in asphalt can break down. Seal coating helps seal the asphalt while slowing the oxidation process and helping protect against deterioration.
  • Chemicals – Almost all of the fluids and chemicals used in vehicles these days can damage asphalt. Oil, gasoline and brake fluid soften asphalt, making it easy for normal traffic to displace large chunks of pavement. Also cracks and potholes can form, leading to greater damage. Seal coating acts as a barrier between chemicals and the asphalt.
  • Weather – The weather cycle of freezing to thawing out can create severe damage to asphalt. Ice and snow (which we don’t see too much of around here) will melt more quickly on a asphalt that is seal coated, in turn reducing the risk that water will penetrate beneath the surface. Along with helping preserve the life of your asphalt, seal coating is also a cost-effective way to increase aesthetic appeal to your asphalt pavement. Although it cannot repair major cracks and damage, seal coating will fill in minor imperfections and give a smooth, cohesive appearance. It also restores the true black color to the asphalt giving it that new look again.

Central Texas warm weather allows seal coating to be performed almost year round by our crews. Call in the experts, we’re here to help you with all of your asphalt needs.

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