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Spring Pavement Care

We’ve had interesting weather in recent years, and your parking lot is probably revealing the results of this.  In our Central Texas Area, we’ve experienced significant drought in the last few years.  Did you know that in a drought the surface below pavement and sidewalks dry up and shrink?  Now fast-forward to our most recent weather changes this spring, and we’ve experienced quite a few recent heavy rains, which causes the surface below pavement and sidewalks to expand dramatically.  These extreme conditions result in cracks developing and also allows existing cracks to grow much wider and deeper.  The heavy rains also seem to show their impact on pavement in areas where there are voids below the pavement where the hard surface of pavement can begin “washing out” creating low spots in your pavement that begin to break and crumble and in the end create problematic pot holes and pedestrian hazards.

Spring is a popular time of year when Facility Maintenance Engineers, Managers and Property Managers assess damages after the heavy rainstorms and begin noticing the effects of these conditions on their pavement and sidewalks.  Integrity Paving and Coatings offers quality service and work with reasonable pricing for all your paving and asphalt needs.  Integrity Paving and Coatings has a “small projects crew” to respond immediately and cost effectively to HELP managers solve these problems before they get worse.  Give us a call today and let us help you with your parking lot and pavement repairs this spring and have your properties ready for the approaching summer heat and sun.   Call us at 844-PAVETEX for a free on site review and estimate.


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