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8 Benefits of Seal Coating

Seal coating, also known as pavement sealing, is the application of a protective coating to asphalt pavements (like parking lots). It provides a layer of protection against the elements – including the harsh Texas sun – and helps keep your parking lot functional and attractive. The benefits of seal coating far outweigh the costs, so here are 8 benefits of seal coating to help you understand why it’s the best choice for your Austin business:

  1. Enhances pavement appearance – Let’s start with vanity, because your parking lot is part of the image you present to your customers. Seal coating creates a fresh, attractive appearance in your asphalt pavement by bringing out the original rich, black color. Oil drips, liquid spills, and other stains are minimized, so the surface looks clean and well maintained. This adds to the overall beauty of your property!
  2. Protects from sun and water exposure – Seal coating protects your asphalt from the elements. When asphalt is exposed to sunlight and water, the oil component that binds it together starts to break down. Eventually nothing will be left to bond the materials, so the pavement slowly begins to separate. Seal coating will prevent this deterioration.
  3. Prevents oxidation – The surrounding air and the sun’s ultraviolet rays will also deteriorate your asphalt’s binder. This is called oxidation, and it causes the asphalt to become brittle. Cracks will occur more easily and spread more quickly, and other deterioration will follow. No one can prevent oxidation, but seal coating slows it down substantially. The seal coating will take the brunt of the damage from the air and sun, leaving your asphalt’s binder intact longer.
  4. Resists oil & gas spills – Oil and gas spills are a normal occurrence in parking lots and roadways. Unfortunately, asphalt is petroleum-based – just like oil and gas. This means that these liquids will join with the binder and weaken the asphalt, leaving it vulnerable to further damage. Seal coating creates a barrier to keep oil and gas from weakening the asphalt below.
  5. Prevents asphalt cracking – Sun, water, air, oil, gas, and other environmental hazards can cause your asphalt to crack. Once cracks form, water can seep below the surface of the asphalt to erode the base and weaken the entire structure. Because seal coating protects asphalt from the elements, cracking becomes much less likely.
  6. Allows for easier cleanup – Seal coating on asphalt is like wax on a car – it creates a smoother surface that resists spills and dirt, making it easier to clean the car when it gets dirty. Similarly, a seal coated asphalt surface is far easier to clean than one without seal coating.
  7. Extends pavement life – This is the natural effect of all the benefits we’ve listed so far. Because seal coating keeps your asphalt from deteriorating, your parking lot or roadway will last for years longer if you seal coat it at appropriate intervals.
  8. Saves money – At Integrity, we like to say that a gallon of seal coat prevention is worth a ton of paving cure. Seal coating costs pennies per square foot, versus repairs or replacement at several dollars—or more—per square foot. This means that the cost of seal coating a parking lot periodically throughout its life is much lower than having to replace a parking lot before its time.

Seal Coating: Years of Protection & Beauty for a Low Cost

Without the proper seal coating protection, asphalt pavement will deteriorate more quickly and require replacement much sooner. Whether you’re planning new installation of asphalt paving or you’ve begun to notice that your existing asphalt pavement is looking faded, seal coating can help you preserve the look and function of your pavement for years to come.

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