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Why Choose Integrity Paving and Coatings

Why Choose Integrity Paving & Coatings

  • Your one stop source for any parking lot services. We evaluate, estimate, plan, and complete your project with minimal impact on your tenants and your daily business.
  • Committed to excellence in communications before, during and after your project.
  • Managing partner with more than twenty years process-management experience.
  • Specialized Focus on Multi-Family Housing, Medical,  Office, Churches  and Retail.
  • Free on-site reviews and estimates. We provide options to meet your budget.
  • Accredited Member of Better Business Bureau and Compliance Depot.
  • Weekend and after hours service at no additional cost.
  • Best Value for Your Investment.
  • High Quality – Not High Volume.
  • General Liability and Workers Compensation.
  • Long term relationships built on consistent results.
  • Quick response to your parking lot maintenance needs.
  • Integrity and Transparency in all aspects of our business relationship.
  • Products chosen for quality and performance.  PaveShield sealer with MaXum additive is the strongest, darkest, and fastest drying seal coat material available.
  • Spec Plus, upgraded crack fill with higher rubber content to give it enhanced bonding qualities, more pliability and better adhesion to seal coating and asphalt.
  • Our name is not a slogan. It is the way we do business.

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