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Why Integrity Asphalt, Concrete & Seal Coating Adds MaXum Brand Hardener To Our PaveShield Seal Coating Emulsion

Why Integrity Asphalt, Concrete & Seal Coating Adds MaXum Brand Hardener to our PaveShield Seal Coating Emulsion.

Integrity Asphalt, Concrete & Seal Coating consistently strives to research new products, equipment and methodologies in an effort to ensure our clients receive the maximum benefit from all services offered by Integrity.

January 2013, after approximately 90 days of testing Integrity determined the additional expense in adding MaXum brand hardener to our environmentally friendly seal coat emulsion.

MaXum brand hardener is a water based polymer-latex additive fortifier.

We found MaXum brand hardener provided:

  • Faster Drying Time allowing your residents and tenants access to their parking areas. Typically twelve hours vs twenty-four hours.
  • Superior Durability and greater resistance to power steering marks and scuffing.
  • Set to Touch in less than four hours so no tracking into inside of properties.
  • Improved Sand Suspension for better traction, slip resistance  and more durable surface.
  • More Even Textured Appearance.
  • Enhanced Resistance and Better Coating for gas and oil spots in parking spaces

We understand seal coating and painting your parking lot can be a challenging experience and one you prefer to do as infrequently as possible.

Adding MaXum brand hardener to Integrity Seal Coat emulsion helps extend the life of your parking lot protection, saving you time and money.

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