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Whether it’s a busy factory floor or an amusement park hosting thousands of guests, the average plot of commercial concrete sees an immense amount of wear and tear on the average business day. Regular maintenance and minor DIY patches can help increase the lifespan of these surfaces by several years. But, in many situations, the best solution is to get help from seasoned paving professionals in making more wide-reaching repairs.

Commercial concrete repair in Austin is an important job that requires a proactive and efficient plan custom-tailored to the specific circumstances. Our team at Integrity Paving & Coatings can provide the assistance you need to make necessary concrete repairs, and they’ll do the job with the honesty, integrity, and transparency you should expect from any professional partnership.

Assistance With All Types of Commercial Properties

While concrete as a construction material largely has the same physical makeup regardless of where or what it’s used for, no two sections of commercial concrete paving are exactly alike—sometimes even within the same commercial property. Some areas may be much more susceptible to water or impact damage than normal. Others may be expected to support much more weight or even withstand contact with caustic chemicals or invasive plant life.

When it comes to getting high-quality commercial concrete repair at a good value in Austin, it pays to have help from a company that’s handled various types of jobs on many different types of commercial properties, including:

  • Stairwells and staircases
  • Sidewalks and parking lots
  • Restaurant and retail spaces
  • Apartment and condominium floors
  • Pools, waterparks, and other recreational areas
  • Warehouse floors and other industrial facilities
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces in offices or business parks

We Can Help With Big and Small Concrete Repairs

Just like no two businesses are the same, no two instances of concrete damage require the same approach. Minor cracks that have stopped growing and do not affect a structure’s integrity can often be addressed with simple measures like:

  • Routing and sealing
  • Epoxy or grout injections
  • Drilling and plugging
  • Stitching

More widespread cracks and crumbling—especially the kind caused by water damage—may require much more intensive work.

From comparatively simple fixes like leveling to the complete removal and repaving of concrete that has lost its structural integrity, we can help you repair and replace any part of your commercial concrete in Austin that needs it. If necessary, we can even take steps to strengthen portions of concrete foundations underneath buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Learn More About Your Options for Commercial Concrete Repair Services in Austin

Your business is one of the most important things in your life, and that means it’s important to us as well. At Integrity Pavings & Coatings, we’ve built our own business model around setting the bar for the competition not just in communications, response time, and overall logistics, but also in the quality of our work, our back office support, and our service after the sale.

Commercial concrete repair in Austin is rarely a straightforward process, but with our team on your side, you can trust that you have the best support available. Call today to set up a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable professionals.

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