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Industries We Serve

At Integrity Paving & Coatings, we serve a wide variety of industries, upholding our commitment to quality across all of them. Our services include asphalt paving and repair, concrete paving and repair, parking lot striping, and asphalt seal coating. Our experience and expertise allow us to adapt our services for any need. Read below about the many industries that we serve.

Airports – High-quality pavement is necessary for airplanes to take off and land safely. Trust Integrity Paving & Coatings to get the job done right!

Apartments – Apartment buildings are one of the most lucrative forms of real estate investments. Let potential tenants know that you are serious about maintenance and increase your curb appeal with pristine parking lot striping and perfectly poured asphalt and concrete.

Auto Dealers – Car dealership lots withstand higher burdens than average parking lots, since they are often fully packed with cars that are replaced as soon as they are sold. Integrity Paving & Coatings understands the unique needs of auto dealers for concrete and asphalt that can perform as needed.

Banks – The parking lot is the first thing your customers will experience at your branch. A well-designed and maintained lot goes a long way towards presenting a polished and welcoming environment that builds confidence in your financial institution’s capability and attention to detail.

Bike Lanes – Bike trails and lanes are growing in popularity because they increase the quality of life of nearby residents, as well as the value of local homes and businesses. Ensure a smooth ride with paving and maintenance from Integrity Paving & Coating.

Churches – Parking lot maintenance can be difficult to fit into your religious institution’s budget, but it’s a necessary part of providing a safe and welcoming environment for your members. Let us work with you to find affordable solutions and provide timely maintenance that will keep your choir singing.

Commercial Properties – We are experts at maintaining the appearance of commercial and industrial roadways, loading docks, parking lots, sidewalks, and more.

Condominiums – A well-maintained parking lot and roadway will ensure that your property remains appealing to potential buyers. We understand that paving projects can be very disruptive for those living in condos, so we’ll work with you to complete the work in stages and minimize the inconvenience.

Commercial Driveways – Your business’s driveway is an important access feature that can have a big impact on your customers; especially if it’s in poor repair! Whether you need to pave, repave, or repair your commercial entryway, Integrity will help you choose the right solution for your business’s needs.

Grocery Stores – Going to the grocery store can be stressful, and a parking lot riddled with cracks, pot holes, and poorly laid out spaces can make patrons want to avoid yours altogether. Let Integrity repave your parking lot to create a better parking layout and a more seamless experience for your customers.

Homeowner’s Associations – If you need paving, repair, coating, and striping services for your residential community in Central Texas, turn to Integrity Paving & Coatings.

Hotels – A poorly maintained or laid out parking lot can make your hotel look weathered and outdated. Make the outside of your hotel match the inside with a freshly paved parking lot that raises expectations and presents a welcoming front.

Medical Facilities – Providing the best possible care for your patients includes maintaining a high-quality facility. Your parking lot, loading and unloading zones, and wheelchair access areas should be free of cracks and holes that could impede operations. Integrity can help ensure a smooth patient experience with quality paving solutions for your facility.

MUDs – Integrity provides industrial-grade concrete and asphalt services for Municipal Utility Districts. We work with you to tailor our services to the unique needs of your plant or service building.

Parks – In any park, parking lots, walkways, and tennis & basketball courts will see a lot of traffic from cars, people, and bikes. Integrity can help you construct and maintain these areas for a fun and safe experience for your whole community.

Parking Lots – An intelligent parking layout along with a well-maintained lot can ensure a seamless experience and even prevent accidents. Count on Integrity not only for pristine parking lot construction and maintenance, but also for parking lot striping that gives your lot a professional look and creates a better flow of traffic. We also ensure that your parking lot complies with ADA regulations.

Playgrounds – Depending on the needs of your playground, you may want paving that is decorative, functional for playground games, or slip-resistant. Integrity will help you design paving that can happily bear countless sidewalk chalk drawings for years to come.

Property Management Firms – Properly designed and maintained parking lots, roadways, and access-ways can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and increase the value and curb appeal of your properties. Integrity can provide custom paving solutions to fulfill the unique needs of all your properties.

Restaurants – A low-quality parking lot might make potential customers question the quality of your food. At Integrity, we help you anticipate your guest’s needs and design parking lots, drive-thrus, and to-go parking that gives the right impression and contributes to a good customer experience.

Retail Centers Competition is fierce in the retail world, and appearance is everything. Integrity will work to create beautiful and functional parking lots for your retail center while minimizing the inconvenience to your customers.

Schools – Bus traffic, car lines, and staff parking needs can all take their toll on a school’s parking lot. Ensure your students’ safety with well-designed, built, and maintained parking lots and walkways that contribute to an overall environment of comfort and ease.

Universities – A college campus is its own community, with roads, walkways, plazas, parking lots, access-ways, and parking decks that are essential to proper functioning. Ensure student safety and a smooth flow of both car and foot traffic with comprehensive paving services and solutions from Integrity.

Choose Integrity Paving & Coatings

A reputable concrete and asphalt paving company can save you time and money while helping you design parking lots and paved spaces that increase value and decrease accidents. At Integrity Paving & Coatings, we realize that parking lot maintenance is an inconvenience. Because of this, we work hard to minimize the impact on you, your residents, and your tenants. No matter your industry or needs, we’ll work hand in hand with you, which means communication, flexibility, quality, and reasonable prices.

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