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Whether you need an asphalt coating to extend the life of your parking lot, or new asphalt installation for a shopping center or condominium, Integrity Paving & Coatings will exceed your expectations.

You want your business to thrive, but success means high traffic and lots of wear on asphalt surfaces. With our expert repair, long-lasting installations, and durable maintenance services, your asphalt will keep pace with your growth and achievement.

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Asphalt Paving and Repair Services

Integrity understands that if asphalt installation in Lakeway isn’t done correctly, puddles, potholes, and even complete pavement failure will follow. That’s why we take our work process seriously, performing efficient but meticulous asphalt installation services that will leave you thrilled with the look and functionality of our paving.

Signs Your Asphalt Needs Repair

Asphalt in subpar conditions will make a bad impression, lower your property value, and lead to accidents. Delaying asphalt repairs now only invites complicated and expensive problems to arrive later.

Here are some signs that the paving at your Lakeway, TX, business needs asphalt repair ASAP:

Obvious, Widespread, or Expanding Cracks

Alligator cracking, block cracking, spiderweb cracking — no matter the appearance, obvious asphalt cracking must be repaired. While small fractures are normal, obvious cracks let in water and ice, which further widens cracks, breaks apart pavement, and damages the foundational structure.

Taking the time to patch obvious cracks or to seal the pavement with asphalt seal coating will prevent worsening damage and pavement failure.

Standing Water and Drainage Problems

Standing water on asphalt is worse than unattractive. Best case, cars and clothes will get splashed. Worst case, tenants slip and fall, injuring themselves. Furthermore, the longer water lingers, the more damage is done to your pavement.

Sinkage, Warping, and Potholes

Depressions in your asphalt from sinkage or a wavy pattern from warping collect water and create hazards. Potholes are unsightly and easily cause accidents and damage to customers’ vehicles.

Avoid expensive future problems with expert repairs from Integrity. Reach out for your free consultation.

Industries We Serve

Our years of paving experience taught us how to properly complete a long-lasting, durable asphalt installation, and our commitment to staying current on techniques and materials ensures we always provide the best for our Lakeway, TX, clients. Integrity is known for reliable asphalt repair, installation, and maintenance for commercial properties as well as:

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Our Guarantees

We guarantee our Lakeway customers will receive:

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  • Flexible scheduling and minimal disruption of traffic
  • Superior workmanship
  • 24/7 customer service

Why Choose Integrity for Your Next Asphalt Paving or Repair Project in Lakeway?

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We understand how inconvenient repairing or maintaining a parking lot is and have perfected many ways of easing the impact of our work on businesses. We also make sure our free assessments are no pressure and no obligation. Our work and reputation are enough to keep us successful, so we never hassle potential customers.

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Asphalt FAQs

Why should I worry about an area where customers/tenants only spend a fraction of their time?

Your parking lot is your chance to make a good first impression — or a bad one. Cracks, puddles, and potholes not only look like you aren’t on top of your business, they give the impression you don’t care about customer comfort and safety. They also make you liable for property damage and injury.

What should I do to maintain my asphalt paving?

Treating oil and gas spills and killing weeds along the perimeter are important for maintaining asphalt paving. However, call a professional to repair cracks or for maintenance services like asphalt coatings. The available DIY products require skill and practice to apply and will cause further damage if applied incorrectly.

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