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Any business owner knows that it’s not just the in-building experience that informs customer opinions of your establishment. The exterior of your building has a profound effect on potential and returning customers, and the asphalt or paving surrounding it is a significant part of that effect. If potential customers must navigate around potholes to find a parking space, they may take their business elsewhere.

When the asphalt or concrete around your building needs a new lease on life, contact Integrity Paving & Coatings to get the job done with minimal interruption to your business. We are experts in asphalt paving and repair in Taylor.

Signs You Need Asphalt Repair

Wear and tear on asphalt comes from multiple sources. Water and chemicals are two significant factors, but asphalt’s main enemy is the blazing Texas sun in Taylor. Over time, the combination of these elements brings up the need for regular maintenance like seal coating. When this maintenance doesn’t happen, the need for repair is inevitable. The following issues must be addressed quickly before they become even more challenging to fix.

  • Alligator cracking: These smaller interconnected cracks occur as the result of an unsound base or asphalt surface. They are known for spreading quickly, and when water is present, the asphalt can begin to crumble and cause further issues.
  • Depressions: When a sub-base loses its evenness, you end up with dips in the pavement that can be a tripping hazard and cause degradation by holding water.
  • Potholes: The dreaded pothole is a menace to any vehicle that enters the premises. Immediate repair is needed to stop the progression of degradation and eliminate the hole before a vehicle is seriously damaged.

Integrity Paving & Coatings has the expertise and up-to-date equipment to perform high-quality asphalt repair for any business in Taylor, TX.

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New asphalt paving and repair in Taylor are an essential investment for your business. Integrity Paving & Coatings knows how critical it is to perform these services correctly for lasting quality. Whether you need seal coating, parking lot striping, concrete paving, or other services, we do it all with the transparency you trust.

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