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Asphalt is a popular paving material because it’s affordable and durable. Still, asphalt is vulnerable to wear and tear, especially if the site is not prepared properly and ongoing maintenance is neglected. If you notice potholes forming on your street, access road, or loading dock, don’t ignore them. Potholes are relatively easy to fix—as long as you hire a reputable asphalt paving company to perform the work.

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What Are Potholes?

The term “pothole” describes a hole that’s created when a chunk of pavement breaks off the road. This is one of the most common and notorious pavement defects. Potholes are typically round openings that penetrate through the HMA layer and down to the base course. The edges may be quite jagged and continue to dislodge over time, widening the pothole until it’s repaired.

How Potholes Can Impact Your Business

  • Potholes are ugly: No matter how well you maintain the landscape on your property, it will always appear unkempt if there are potholes in the parking lot. This can have a surprisingly profound impact on the way your customers view your business.
  • Potholes are tripping hazards: People expect pavement to be smooth and stable. One misstep could result in a twisted ankle, potentially landing you with a premises liability lawsuit.
  • Potholes are driving hazards: A deep pothole could cause significant damage to any vehicle that drives over it, especially at high speeds.

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What Are Asphalt Depressions?

Asphalt depressions are low-lying areas of pavement. They begin as minor indentations and are most noticeable when they fill with water after it rains. While depressions don’t penetrate the pavement, the collection of water and other debris can wear the asphalt surface in the affected area faster than the surrounding pavement. This weakens the street’s structural integrity and may lead to further deterioration.

How Pavement Depressions Can Impact Your Business

  • Pavement depressions are unsightly: You want every aspect of your storefront to entice customers to enter. A pockmarked parking lot conveys a disregard for routine maintenance, which may damage your reputation.
  • Asphalt depressions cause pedestrian safety hazards: As a responsible business owner, it’s your job to make sure your property is safe inside and out. Deep asphalt depressions create an uneven surface that can cause tripping. You could even be sued for premises liability if someone slips and falls in your poorly maintained parking lot.
  • Pavement depressions cause vehicle safety hazards: After a rainstorm, depressions fill with water, creating the opportunity for hydroplaning. This may not be an issue in a low-speed parking lot, but higher-speed roads undoubtedly become more hazardous if they contain pavement depressions.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Potholes and Asphalt Depressions

What causes potholes?

Potholes are often the end result of fatigue cracking, also known as alligator cracking. The underlying causes of fatigue cracking may include poor drainage, high traffic load, thin pavement, and inadequate soil compaction.

As cars drive over the cracked asphalt, chunks break off, and a pothole gradually forms. Water infiltration and the effects of the freeze-thaw cycle can make existing potholes worse.

How are potholes repaired?

The fast, temporary option is to place asphaltic patch material into the hole without any preparation or debris removal. Making four to eight passes with a heavy vehicle compacts the patching material and makes it safe to drive over until a long-term fix can occur.

The semi-permanent pothole repair option is to apply a patch. This involves removing debris from the hole, squaring up the sides, and filling it with patch mix material. A vibratory plate compactor or roller provides adequate compaction to help prevent a pothole from reforming.

How can I avoid potholes on my property?

You can’t control water infiltration or the freeze-thaw cycle, but it’s still possible to prevent potholes with the right pavement preservation techniques, including crack sealing and seal coating. These are the best ways to prevent small cracks from growing into severe distress. Just make sure you work with a knowledgeable pothole repair company in Austin that can get the job done right the first time around.

What causes asphalt depressions?

The ground settles over time, and asphalt isn’t as rigid as it looks. Depressions are usually caused by poor site preparation leading to uneven soil compaction. Indentations commonly appear in parking spots where the tires of parked cars apply extra pressure to the asphalt. Lack of maintenance, frost heave, high traffic load, and aging are other factors that can worsen existing pockmarks and ruts.

How do you fix asphalt depressions?

A fast, temporary fix involves installing a simple asphalt patch over the existing pavement. This improves the road’s appearance for a while, but it fails to address the underlying problem. As a result, soil compaction is likely to continue, and the depression will return.

A more permanent asphalt repair is to remove the affected pavement, compact the soil properly, and apply a full-depth patch over the repaired subgrade.

What other asphalt problems can result from uneven soil compaction?

Proper subgrade preparation is vital, not just because uneven soil compaction leads to depressions, but because it can cause rutting, localized asphalt cracks, and potholes. To prevent these problems before they start, only work with a knowledgeable paving company in Austin.

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