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Asphalt is used for road surfaces and parking lots. It must be laid down in layers and compacted. Today, this resilient material (a mineral aggregate) covers 94% of the paved roads in the U.S.

Asphalt is designed to ensure your driveway, roadway, or parking lot lasts. It can handle busy traffic with relatively simple maintenance, and is smooth, quiet, and versatile. According to statistics, 85% of parking lots in the U.S. are asphalt.

Properly constructed and maintained asphalt can last 20 to 30 years. Heavy traffic, oil and gas spills, sub base failure, water damage, droughts, heavy rains, expansion and contraction all conspire to erode and break up your parking surfaces. Seal coating can double your asphalt’s life span. Repairing your asphalt and concrete is not only important for safety and fire code purposes, it also enhances your property value and the impression you make on customers.

Cracks can and should be repaired immediately. Cracks in pavement require immediate attention and specialized sealant materials. No matter what the temperature, moisture in the cracks will cause significant damage to your pavement. These cracks become broken up pavement and also erode sub base over time.

Different chemicals have different properties and effects. Water-based sealants are safe but often wear off more quickly. Acrylic, urethane, and other options may boost the risk of fire because they contain flammable ingredients. The shiniest water-resistant seal coatings may make your asphalt pavement look more handsome but they can create hazardous, slippery conditions.

The hands-on brush approach is the one you’re looking for because it ensures even distribution. Alternatives can cause sealing puddles, which results in your asphalt being overly protected in some places and not at all in others.

Only if the manufacturer recommends it and only by the proper amount. Some contractors water down their seal coating to save money on their end. But that results in lower quality and a shorter product life for you.

The cost for re-striping will depend upon the size of your parking lot and the number of spaces that must be repainted. We’ve done small jobs for as low as $500 and huge projects for more than $40,000. Large parking lot re-striping is priced at a lower aggregate rate per spot. We also have a list of other parking lot maintenance services that we provide that includes parking lot sweeping, power washing, and seal coating.

Integrity recommends doing seal coating and repainting at the same time. The sealing helps to provide a blank surface for repainting. But we are glad to provide this striping as a stand-alone service if you do not want to consider seal coating at this time.

The paint that we use is a waterborne acrylic alkyd striping paint that meets the highest VOC standards.

In the field of asphalt and concrete paving and repairs, we are a notch above. We have extensive experience servicing residences and businesses across Austin and neighboring communities, and we are locally owned and operated. When you work with us, you receive friendly, personalized services.

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