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Can You Sealcoat Your Asphalt During Winter Months?

Asphalt Seal Coating During Winter Months in Austin Texas

Asphalt pavement can undergo significant wear and tear with the passage of time due to the changing weather conditions outside. The repair process for an asphalt pavement can be lengthy and costly which is why it is recommended to carry out its regular maintenance. Seal coating your asphalt in Austin Texas gives the asphalt pavement protection that increases its life and keeps it in good condition. If you are thinking of getting seal coating for your asphalt driveway during the winters, it is important first to understand how temperature and humidity can affect the whole process. Depending on where you live, the degree of difficulty of seal coating will vary according to the temperature and humidity levels. Typically, in places like Austin Texas, the asphalt seal coating season lasts nearly year round, except during the extreme colds, which happen on occasion in Central Texas

With that said, seal coating is not entirely impossible during winters, but there are a lot of factors that can be affected during the whole process. Below, we discuss two of the factors that greatly affect the seal coating process in winters:

1. Humidity

Considering the temperature sensitive nature of the whole process, it is important to ensure that the humidity levels are not too high when attempting to seal coat your asphalt driveway. This is because the higher levels of humidity can cause an increased level of moisture in the air which will result in a longer time taken by the asphalt driveway to completely dry out. Hence, it is important to check the levels of humidity before you decide to take on the seal coating job.

2. Temperature

To carry out a successful seal coating process, it is imperative to ensure that the temperature outside is more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. In Austin Texas, during winters the average temperature at night stays at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature in Austin is also said to go to a level of about 20 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 nights in winter.The pavement of driveway being seal coated will require enough drying period to cure itself and hence will require a temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above during the whole process. This is something that will be difficult to achieve during the winters. Also, seal coating requires two coats which will result in more time taken during winters as the drying process for one coat will be higher than usual. 

3. UV Rays

UV Radiation helps the asphalt pavement dry out quickly; the absence of sufficient UV radiation during winters will result in an increased time-frame for the seal coating job. This will not only increase the overall cost but will also expose the asphalt pavement to more chances of being damaged during the process. Also, the application of seal coating done with sprayers is not possible during the winters, which is why it will have to be undertaken manually which will also result in higher costs for the whole process.


Even though it is extremely important to make proper repairs and carry out regular maintenance for the asphalt driveway or pavement, it is recommended that it should be done before the winters to avoid the higher costs associated with seal coating during winters. Ideally, taking care of seal coating right before winters prevents you from causing serious damage to your asphalt and keeps the cost of the whole process to a minimum.



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How Important is Parking Lot Striping for Commercial Property in Austin Texas?

How Important is Parking Lot Striping for Commercial Property in Austin Texas?

If you own a commercial building and/or property in Austin Texas, you must know how important it is to have a parking lot that is welcoming and comforting for your clients, employees, and prospective tenants. Parking lot striping plays an important role in making a parking lot look more attractive and hospitable. Asphalt companies can help you with striping your parking lot at affordable rates.  However, before we move on to how the striping is done, we will first discuss why striping is essential for your commercial building parking lot. Here are some reasons:

1.    ADA Compliance

The American Disabilities Act has strict requirements for commercial parking lots in Austin Texas and the entire country. They require every commercial building to offer marked spaces for the handicapped. This cannot be done unless you use striping to reduce the possibility of confusion. Not only will striping, in this case, cause convenience to your handicapped personnel and customers but you will also be following the law.

2.    Safety and Security

Just as it is essential to have signs and specified areas for pedestrians on a busy road, it is also important to have the same designated areas for pedestrians in a parking lot. This is done by striping the parking lot and marking cross-walks that will reduce the chances of any accidents taking place on your business’ premises.

3.    Guide the Traffic

Another reason why striping is considered significant is to make the drivers aware of the traffic flow and guide the traffic in one particular direction. This is because it can be very easy for drivers to end up on the wrong side in a parking lot. Hence, the owners can do a big favor to drivers by clearly marking the direction of the traffic.

4.    Increased Parking Spaces

One big advantage of striping your parking lot is the increased parking services that result from clearly designated areas for parking of a particular car. This is important because, in case of no striping, the drivers would be allowed to park wherever and however they would like. This can become tricky because the building owners cannot control the traffic coming in and need to have an organized mechanism to deal with the problems arising from a limited parking lot. By striping your parking lot, you can prevent your parking lot from becoming unsystematic and crowded and can maximize the number of parking spaces available.

5.    Visual Appeal

Imagine a parking lot with no lines or markings; it will make the building look dull and gloomy. With the passage of time, the striping that you use in your parking lot might become dull and lose its attraction. Hence, it is an excellent idea to restripe your parking lot to increase the visual appeal of the parking lot. The freshly painted white or yellow lines on top of your black parking area will make your premises look welcoming and eye-catching.

Bottom Line

Striping your parking lot will help you create a welcoming and convenient environment for your clients, employees, and prospective tenants in Austin Texas. So, pick up your phone and call a professional Austin Texas asphalt paving company today!

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Why Your Parking Lot Needs Sealcoating in Austin Texas

Why Your Parking Lot Needs Sealcoating in Austin Texas

The Greater Austin Texas Area is riddled full of office space, apartment buildings, condos, and business parks. If you are looking to make your business stand out from the crowd and improve its visual appeal, it is imperative that you consider the first thing your potential customer or tenant sees - your parking lot. This is why your business needs parking lot sealcoating in Austin Texas.  Is your parking lot convenient and welcoming? Well in most cases it is extremely difficult for businesses to ensure maintenance of the parking area. The asphalt coating that is used in the parking area can become a victim of damage caused by weather and chemicals that come in contact with the area. This is where Sealcoating steps in - Pavement Sealcoating is a protective coating that helps you maintain the driveway or parking area in a much more effective manner by extending the life of your asphalt. This article will help you understand why it is important for you to use sealcoating for your business parking needs located around the Greater Austin Texas area.

#1 The Appearance

The first reason why you should use seal coating for your parking area is the brand new appearance that you will get once the job is finished. Seal coating not only brings internal benefits for your area but also brings visual changes too. After the seal coating is done, you will notice your parking area covered with a brand new black base. This will surely make your business space look inviting and welcoming.

before and after asphalt paving and seal coating in austin texas

Before and after asphalt sealcoating in Austin Texas

#2 Prevention of Damage from UV rays and Spillage

By sealing the cracks in your asphalt parking area, seal coating prevents your parking area from getting damaged by oil or chemical spillage that can occur in this space. Also, seal coating will provide a coating to your asphalt base which will prevent it from any damage done by harmful UV Rays.

#3 Water Proof Agent

Another benefit of using seal coating for your parking area is the prevention of damage caused by water seepage caused by rains or snow. The main reason behind the cracks in your parking area is the seepage of water and moisture that get trapped in the asphalt base. This causes cracks to appear which damage the parking area. Seal coating prevents any damage done by water by providing an extra layer on top that acts as a waterproof agent.

#4 Uniform Layer

By using seal coating for your parking area you will be making the cleaner’s job easier. This is because by seal coating the surface the parking area will gain a smooth and uniform surface which can be easily cleaned and does not require a lot of effort.

#5 Cost Effective

The costs that will be incurred by opting for repairing services for your parking area will be much higher as compared to the pennies that will be charged for per square foot of your parking area. Not only that, but seal coating will help you maintain the parking area in a much more effective way and you will not have to worry about the damages. There are a number of paving and sealcoating companies in Austin Texas providing excellent seal coating services. So if you are looking to save your parking area in Austin Texas from further damage, opt for professional seal coating services today and contact Integrity Paving and Coatings today!

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Choose the Right Paving Company in Austin Texas

Choose the Right Paving Company in Austin Texas to Give Your Office or Retail Space a Visual Appeal.

This is necessary both for your clients as well as your employees. Making the interior look welcoming and impressive is essential, however, it is equally or maybe more important to keep the exterior of your office or retail space welcoming and convenient. It's also necessary to keep up with asphalt repairs and seal coating in order to increase the curb appeal and value of your property and/or business.  before and after asphalt paving and seal coating in austin texas  If you are looking for asphalt repair, asphalt seal coating, or asphalt paving in Austin Texas, this article is for you.

The first thing that you can do in order to enhance your visual appeal is to pay attention to the kind of paving that has been used outside. You can definitely use paving as a means of enhancing the visual appeal of your space. There are numerous options for paving companies in Austin Texas so finding one that suits your needs should not be difficult. However, when looking for a paving company in Austin Texas it is necessary to keep a few things under consideration.

#1 Beware of Scams

Even though you will find numerous options for paving companies existing in Austin Texas, sometimes people get attracted to workers who offer to complete your paving job by using asphalt that they have had left over from a previous paving job. Do not trust any such offers because you will surely end up regretting having the job done in such a way. It is imperative to choose a reliable paving company in Austin Texas in order to get a long-lasting job done.

#2 Insurance

Another important thing to consider before deciding on the right company for your asphalt paving job is checking if the company you are considering has insurance or not. This is essential because if there is an accident that takes place during this process it will be paid from your insurance rather than the company’s insurance. Hence do not be swayed by the lower prices that companies without the insurance offer and keep an eye on this very important factor.

#3 Equipment and Personnel

It is also imperative to look at the availability of equipment and personnel for the company under consideration. This is because a normal paving job requires about 6-8 people and high-quality equipment. Ensuring a long-lasting asphalt cover for your paving job requires significant attention and you need to be sure that the company has enough resources to deploy for your assignment.

#4 Paving Contractor Reputation

Once you have shortlisted the companies you need to check for the reputation of each company. Ask your friends and family or your colleagues about the company’s reputation and also do thorough research on the internet. A well-reputed company is unlikely to deliver poorly. You should also check their online reviews for further confirmation of a high-quality asphalt paving and seal coating contractor in Austin, Texas.

#5 Paving Bids & Down Payment

The most important factor affecting your decision will be the money that will be spent during the whole process. However, we would suggest not to make money the sole deciding factor. This is because a lot of companies will give you quotes that are comparatively lower but will not talk about the hidden costs that are included. Hence it is important to look for hidden costs when deciding on the right company. Also, ensure there is no down payment that is required by the company before the job has started. The well-reputed asphalt pavers in Austin will not ask for a down payment and will have an understanding with their suppliers that will enable them to work on your task. Once you have taken all these factors into consideration you do not need to worry and can decide on the right paving company that will help you get your job done in a long-lasting and effective manner.

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The Benefits of a Professional Concrete and Asphalt Paving Company

Do you own a house, condo or other commercial building in Pflugerville? Are you looking to get concrete or asphalt paving done? Are you having a hard time deciding how you should pick your paving company? While a casual online research can make it seem that asphalt repair or paving job can be done on your own with ease, the professional look and finish that you desire can only be achieved through the help of a professional paving company.

For a residential house, you want to make sure that your driveway adds value to the price of your property. And if you own a commercial space, a professional paving job can send a strong brand impression to your customers. Here are some important factors that you need to consider for choosing the right paving company in Pflugerville.

1.    Experience

The most obvious benefit that comes with hiring a professional paving company is the amount of experience the workers have doing professional paving jobs. Paving your driveway or the parking lot is a lengthy process which requires a significant amount of time. The process also requires attention to small details such as the weather, the kind of material used, property size and also following the guidelines set by the any transportation or federal authorities.

2.    Design

It is very difficult to come up with a design that is best suitable for your needs. If you hire a professional paving company you will be able to discuss with the specialists the design beforehand. They can guide you regarding the design that suits your needs the best and what your options are. Today, asphalt and concrete paving can come in many colors and effects. Of course, you have more options available with concrete paving but only the professionals can tell you the benefits associated with each design.

3.    Identifying Problems and Risks

Not every type of asphalt or concrete material is good for every project. The materials chosen for the job can depend on the weather conditions in an area, budget of the customer, volume of foot traffic, etc. Furthermore, some problems can arise in repairing the pavement if the materials used previously are not of good quality. Only the best professionals can come up with the solutions to a variety of problems that can arise during the paving process.

4.    Time and Money

One of the biggest issues you can face when working with non-professional companies is spending more time and money than needed on the project. First up, they will end up using more material not because of the complexity of the work but due to their lack of efficient use of materials. Secondly, they will take more time because their equipment is outdated, inefficient and slow. To make matters worse, if something goes wrong with them on the job, you could end up with a liability nightmare. This is where you find the true value of professional workers.  

In the end, we would like to advise you to get your paving process carried out by a professional. Don’t forget to find a company that is licensed and insured to avoid any difficulties. If you are looking for the best paving companies in Pflugerville, you can visit Integrity Paving and Coatings of Pflugerville, TX for all your concrete paving and repairsasphalt paving and repairs, asphalt seal coating, parking lot striping, or any general questions relating to concrete and asphalt paving in Pflugerville or the surrounding Greater Austin area.

Call us at: 512-853-9009

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How to Choose a Concrete Contractor in Austin

A great way of giving your home or business location a makeover could be to install a concrete driveway or parking. A simple change such as installing a concrete driveway or patio can bring about amazing results for your residential or commercial project. However, making such a decision requires some homework. Here is how to choose the right concrete contractor in Austin.

1.    Research and Recommendations

The first step before getting a concrete project done is to carry out an extensive research for the right contractor. For this, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different steps involved in the process and get a clear picture of what exactly you need to be done. Depending on the amount of work, the whole project can cost you a lot of money. Therefore, it is important that you do a proper research before selecting a contractor. You can then start looking for contractors that specialize in the kind of concrete work that you are planning for. In addition to doing your own research, it is also important to ask around and find out if there are any good contractors that people would recommend.

2.    Talk to Potential Contractors

After doing an extensive research and coming up with a list of shortlisted contractors in Austin, the second step is to talk to them. Explain in detail the kind of work you are expecting. After that, get the quotes from a number of contractors to get an idea of the pricing. Here are some important questions that can help you pick the right contractor from the bunch.

- How long has the company/contractor been in business?

- What kind of projects have they worked for in the past?

- Do they offer any guarantees?

- What kind of insurance do they have?

3.    Match Quotes and Timelines

After talking to potential contractors, the next step is to look at the information you have attained during your communication. Even though price is an important factor, it should not be the only deciding factor. Reason being, you have to ensure the quality of materials being used in the project as well as the duration in which the contractor will complete the project. Look at the quotes carefully, make sure there are no hidden costs associated and that the quote given represents the complete cost of the project.

4.    Pay Them a Visit

After you have chosen your contractor in Austin, it is a good idea to visit them at their worksite. This will give you a great example of the kind of work they are doing and the kind of material they use in their projects. In addition to that, you can also look around and check out some of the older projects that they have completed in Austin.

5.    Contract

After reaching a decision, ask your contractor to draw up a contract stating everything that is required to be done in the particular project. Make sure you read the contract carefully before signing it. 

In most cases, visiting the website of the contractor can give you a lot of information about the projects they have worked on, their licensure/insurance status etc. For example, you can find much of the needed information about concrete work and repairs on Integrity Paving Texas website-one of the most well-known concrete installers and repair technicians in Austin.

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Opportunities to Give Locally

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, and giving back to our community! The Austin area has many opportunities to get hands on, and help someone in need in time for the holidays.

The Central Texas Food Bank offers opportunities all the way up to the day before Thanksgiving, November 23, 2017. They also offer Cooperate Giving for your business to give as a whole. This year, they have received a matching gift challenge, so every $10 given, will provide 80 meals this holiday season! You can donate to that here.

One of a kind, Austin Empty Bowl Project, is celebrating its 20th anniversary on November 20th at the Central Texas Food Bank. It’s the perfect combination of food, art and community with all benefits going to children’s hunger programs including Central Texas Food Bank, Meals on Wheels and More. Attendees purchase a handcrafted bowl for $20, local restaurants fill it with soup and you stay and enjoy the music. As an added benefit you get to keep the bowl! You can also volunteer to help with the event!

One way to get involved and be physically active is the Thundercloud Sub’s Turkey Trot, benefiting Caritas on Thanksgiving Day! You can also volunteer to help with the event.  All proceeds benefit Caritas of Austin, which supports local refugees, low-income families, and homeless people. Thundercloud has raised more than $3.1 million for Caritas since the event began in 1991.

Each Thanksgiving, Operation Turkey organizes local teams of volunteers throughout a community to cook, prepare, package and deliver thousands of hot meals and provide other necessities to people in need. In 2016, Operation Turkey hand delivered more than 40,000 meals to the homeless and less fortunate in 13 official cities and 6 states. This year their goal is 50,000 meals with even more locations.

The organization is 100% volunteer, with no paid employees, allowing all funds raised to go toward the cost of preparing, packaging, and delivering meals. There are many options to donate your time and get involved with this mission.

Each year, Meals on Wheels has hundreds of home-bound Austin clients signed to receive holiday meals. Not only are you delivering their Thanksgiving meal, but you are also giving them the comfort and company everyone should have on Thanksgiving. Great for families and friends, sign up to deliver as many meals that day as you can handle.

As you finalize your Thanksgiving plans this year, consider volunteering, or making a donation towards one of these wonderful causes to help the need in our community. The holiday season is a great time to give thanks for what we have and share with others around us.



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How I Found the Right Asphalt Paving Contractor

How I Found the Right Asphalt Paving Contractor and Escaped the Evil Ones

I am a woman in my 40s and with my husband's help I have been running my own restaurant for more than a decade now. Just recently, I have had the parking lot in front of my restaurant fixed by Integrity Paving and Coatings in Pflugerville and I can’t thank them enough for the pristine job they have done. More importantly, they saved me from shelling out thousands of dollars to an evil contractor that was more interested in making money than fixing my asphalt parking lot for me. Here is why I will recommend Integrity Paving Texas to any restaurant, parking lot or business owner who is looking for paving, seal coating and painting contractors.

They Dealt with Sheer Honesty

So, the first thing that I was told by the first contractor, who I did not get the services from eventually, was that I should go for concrete paving. While concrete paving is a nice option I really did not feel I needed that. Not to mention the costs they had come up with had gone through the roof. On the other hand, the Integrity Paving professionals gave me an estimate on fixing the cracking and unsettled asphalt surfaces. When I asked them if I needed to have the whole parking lot done they told me that only the bad patches could be refilled with new asphalt and that is all I needed. My eventual savings were much more than a couple of thousands of dollars.

They Completed the Work on Time

My biggest concern with the whole project was how long it was going to take to get the work done. I did not want this inconvenience to last for too long because I am more than serious about customer convenience. The other contractor never gave me a deadline since he never stopped suggesting a new concrete installation, which I did not agree with. The Integrity Paving guys worked with lightning speed. I know my parking lot is not that big, but still they did not even take 2 days to complete the project.

They Were Insured and Licensed

While I am not the most knowledgeable person on asphalt paving and installation, I know this work involves some risky stuff to be done. I wanted to be on the safe side by knowing that my contractor had the right insurance if something went wrong. Integrity Paving Texas are true professionals that told me to rest assured on the insurance and licensing part.

They Used Great Materials

Once again, I still can’t look at or feel asphalt to tell you how good the material is, but they explained quite a bit to me. For me, asphalt was asphalt i.e. there was no low or high quality to it. These professionals told me how asphalt could be recycled over and over, and what affected the quality of asphalt. They explained everything to me and then performed the installation with the material that was best suited within my budget.

I am glad I chose the right people for the asphalt paving of my parking lot. As I prepare to expand my business, I am absolutely sure that only Integrity Paving and Coatings is going to do the asphalting for the extended part of my parking lot.  


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Parking Lot Striping Project in Austin at the Kenzie Apartments

Parking lot striping can send an impression to the potential customers that owners of the building are serious about its maintenance. If you have an apartment building or a commercial business with a parking lot that needs asphalt or concrete striping, Integrity Paving and Coatings is here to help you with that.

Apartment buildings with internal parking spaces need re-striping regularly, especially when they get a lot of traffic. The big challenge with big apartment buildings is that when there are multiple parking floors, it can take time to complete the project. This is where companies with a small team or those providing poor quality of service can make things worse. On the other hand, Integrity Paving and Coatings has the right team, tools, and technology to complete even the most complex and largest parking lot striping projects on time. This is what our team is doing with parking lot striping at Kenzie in the Domain area of Austin.

Take a look at how nice these apartments are!

parking lot striping

Integrity Paving and Coatings is headquartered in Pflugerville, but we regularly handle parking lot striping projects all over the Greater Austin are and we've provided Kenzie with such high quality of service that they will not pick any other service when they are considering a similar job in future!

Here are a few reasons why...

Reasons Why Integrity Paving and Coatings Will Be Kenzie’s Preferred Choice

  • They received a realistic estimate of the complete project whereas other companies never hesitate when it comes to charging too much for large projects.
  • The work was started on the decided day without any unnecessary delays.
  • All the workers on the project are professionals, and every piece of equipment is up-to-date with modern technological needs.
  • The workers were so fast with their work that they are about to complete the work well before the deadline!
  • Only the high-quality materials were used for concrete striping so the customer can rest assured for many years to come.

Why Concrete and Asphalt Striping Should Be Done Regularly for Apartments

Apartment buildings are one of the most lucrative forms of real estate investments. People who have this business understand the competition they have to face every day. Every little feature of your apartment building plays an important role in winning you new customers and impressing others who set foot in the buildings. From your washing areas to in-room amenities, and the facade of your building to the professional looking parking areas, everything matters for customers when they are looking for an apartment to live in whether it's in Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Buda, Lake Travis, or any of the other Greater Austin Areas. 

With a freshly striped parking lot, you can send an impression to the potential customers that owners of the building are serious about its maintenance. Not to mention, it is in human nature to feel proud of the place you live in. You can give a sense of pride to the dwellers of your apartments by making your parking lot look like new with some fresh striping. And when you have to park available on multiple floors, the effect of re-striping is even stronger. In addition to winning you new customers, such maintenance works are a great strategy for customer retention.

See the difference for yourself!

pflugerville parking lot striping company before and after

Now, if you have an apartment building or a commercial business with a parking lot that needs asphalt or concrete striping, Integrity Paving and Coatings is here to help you with that. We are also your one-stop-shop for all asphalt and concrete installation, maintenance and repair solutions. Our work repertoire also includes seal coating work to give your asphalt parking lots and tracks the strength and longevity you desire. 

Contact us today if you want a free quote on your parking lot striping project!

Integrity Paving and Coatings

Phone Number: (512) 853-9009



13630 Immanuel Rd., Suite D, Pflugerville, TX 78660

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The Madison at the Arboretum: Asphalt Repair Project in Austin, TX

The Madison Job: Asphalt Repair, Crack Filling, Seal Coating and Parking Lot Striping

Integrity Paving and Coatings Came to the Rescue!

Asphalt parking lots and driveways are always a favorite for commercial building owners. Not only does asphalt do a great job of hiding stains but the fact that asphalt is easy to repair also makes it a preferred choice of material for many business owners. Whether you have a private school, a gated community, a church or a hotel, Integrity Paving and Coatings has done all sorts of asphalt paving and repairs. Just recently, we completed a project involving repair, striping, and crack filling at Madison at the Arboretum (apartments) and we could not have been prouder of the work we have done!

The Madison at the Arboretum 

This particular job consisted of many different parts. The site required removal and replacement of asphalt, filling of cracks in the asphalt road, painting work in the parking lot, seal coating of the entire site, etc. 


·        Seal Coating

This was the major portion of the job with an area of 135,424 requiring seal coating. We chose the high-quality seal coating material to prevent water seepage into the surface and also made the area look much neater with a darker asphalt surface. We made sure to brush and blow the area clean for full effectiveness and benefits of the seal coat.

The Madison at the Arboretum asphalt repair in Austin

·        Parking Lot Stiping

A painted parking lot looks professionals providing car owners with marks to park their cars with ease. We repainted the old stripes and followed the standards of oil based traffic zone paint. The parking lot striping job included fire lane, speed bumps, parking lines and hash out. The parking lot looks great now with white paint shining on the newly sealed dark asphalt.

the madison parking lot striping in austin

·        Asphalt Repair

One of the things that make asphalt great is the ease of repair and affordability. We made straight cut lines in the areas where the filling was required. Areas of crack filling were emptied up to 2-inch and filled with new asphalt to make the road smoother. To maintain the longevity of the job, a binder was applied to the edges of the road. 

the madison parking lot seal coating in austin

·        Crack Filling

We pay attention to details even when it comes to filling cracks. Our workers got rid of any debris in the cracks to fill them with asphalt without leaving a millimeter of space or bubble in the cracks.

All in all, the client was able to turn the parking lot into a completely new one without breaking the bank.

Our Promise to You

At Integrity Paving and Coatings we take every job seriously no matter how small or big it is. We perform our duties with utmost care and give you the best advice to make the job light on your pocket. As a part of the industry for several years, we understand the ins and outs of asphalt repairs, striping and crack filling jobs. When you need an asphalt repair job, striping and repainting of your parking lot in the hands of professionals, Integrity Paving and Coatings is the place for you. 

Call us today for a free quote on your asphalt repair job in the Central Texas area: 512-853-9009


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