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Asphalt Seal Coating With Texas In Mind — It Takes Integrity

Texas’s intense heat and weather can be brutal on paved asphalt. However, with Integrity Paving & Coatings, you can protect your asphalt investment and keep it from fading, cracking, or experiencing other issues. We understand how important this is to property owners and managers. We offer comprehensive services, including asphalt paving and repair, concrete paving and repair, parking lot striping, and asphalt seal coating.

For all your asphalt seal coating needs, trust Integrity Paving & Coatings. Contact us online to get started today. 

How Asphalt Seal Coating Works

Seal coating is a topcoat applied to asphalt as a preventative measure. It protects from the damaging effects of moisture, ultraviolet oxidation, and various hazards and chemicals produced by vehicles. Our team begins the sealing process by cleaning the asphalt of trash and oil spots. A thin primer and then a one-eighth-inch-thick layer of asphalt emulsion are applied. The created barrier protects asphalt from sunlight, water, and other harmful materials. We complete the process by using a final layer of sealer to form an attractive and clean edge.

Learn more about the asphalt seal coating process and how it can help protect your investment. Contact us online to get started today.

Preventative Maintenance Prevents Issues Later

Without the proper seal coating protection, asphalt pavement will deteriorate more quickly and require replacement much sooner than if it is without protection. Filling cracks and applying an overall protective coating to your asphalt provides protection against the harsh Texas sun and helps keep your parking lot functional and attractive.

Only the Best for Our Clients

Seal coating needs to be included in any ongoing maintenance program. Integrity only uses the best seal coat products in the industry. We comply with manufacturers’ dilution requirements and never water down the product more than recommended.

Asphalt Seal Coating Benefits

The purpose of seal coating is to extend the life of your paved surfaces. By including the process in your routine maintenance, you’ll experience the following benefits:

Protection from UV exposure
Prevention of water penetration and potholes
Resistance to gas, oil, antifreeze, and other chemicals
Slows deterioration from heavy traffic
Doubles the life span of pavement
Long-lasting appearance improvement
Protects from sun & water exposure
Prevents oxidation
Resists oil & gas spills
Prevents asphalt cracking
Enhances pavement appearance
Allows for easier clean-up
Defends against pavement deterioration

Types of Seal Coating

Asphalt topcoat is typically one of three materials: asphalt emulsions, coal tar, or acrylics. Our team uses asphalt emulsion as it applies easily, creates a dependable seal, and emits fewer volatile organic compounds than the other two. Our seal coat includes a unique rubberized hardener for superior performance, start to finish.

Double the Life of Your Asphalt With Integrity

Why choose to invest in seal coating services? It actually costs pennies per square foot versus repairs or replacement at several dollars — or more — per square foot. In the case of asphalt, a gallon of seal coat prevention is worth a ton of paving cure. For the first five to 10 years of a well-constructed asphalt surface’s useable life, the only thing needed is replenishing the oxidized surface of the asphalt.

Don't Leave Your Investment Unprotected

When asphalt is exposed to sunlight and water, the oil component starts to break down. If left unsealed, nothing is left to bond the aggregate together. The pavement slowly begins to separate. A newly constructed pavement surface can completely separate and fall apart from the surface down to the sub-base in 10 to 15 years if left unsealed. Seal coating every four to seven years prevents this erosion and breakdown. It also creates a smooth, black surface that is visually appealing. Many of our customers take a proactive stance with maintenance by seal coating more often than is needed for surface preservation because of the indisputable visual improvement it provides.

Periodic seal coating and maintenance are critical in protecting your asphalt investment. We adhere to the highest standards and provide quality asphalt paving and seal coating services. No matter the size of your project, our experienced crew leaders and build teams are prepared to give you an on-time, on-budget, top-quality job.

The cost of seal coating a parking lot periodically through the life of the parking lot is more cost-effective than having to replace a parking lot before its time.

Maintaining Your Seal Coating & Asphalt

We recommend applying a top coat to your asphalt about six months or a year after initial installation and then adding a maintenance coat every four to seven years afterward. This will save you big in the long run, preventing additional maintenance for up to 10 years.

Seal Coating Questions Answered With Integrity

Integrity fields asphalt sealing and repair questions every day. Below are some of the ones we get asked often. But if you’ve got one you don’t see here, please contact us.

What kind of sealing chemicals do you use?

Different chemicals have different properties and effects. Water-based sealants are safe but more often wear off quicker. Acrylic, urethane, and others options may boost the risk of fire because they contain flammable ingredients. The shiniest water-resistant seal coatings may make your asphalt pavement look more handsome but they can create hazardous, slippery conditions.

When should the seal coat job be completed?

Once you’ve had your asphalt in place for around 90 days, that’s when Integrity will apply the seal coating to protect the surface. We use this time frame to make sure the surface is fully cured. Temperature is also a consideration. Usually, anything over 65 degrees is fine. Fortunately, the weather in Central Texas offers Integrity plenty of application days!

How is the sealer applied?

The hands-on brush approach is the one you’re looking for because it ensures even distribution. Alternatives can cause sealing puddles, which results in your asphalt being overly protected in some places and not at all in others.

Should asphalt sealant be thinned?

Only if the manufacturer recommends it and only by the proper amount. Some contractors water down their seal coating to save money on their end. But that results in lower quality and a shorter product life for you.

Do existing cracks need repair before applying sealer?

It’s important to fix cracks in your asphalt before sealing it. Otherwise, you’re not getting the maximum benefit.

How often should seal coating be reapplied?

Applying it every three to five years can extend the life of your asphalt. Many of our clients request it more often for practical and appearance reasons.

Trust Integrity Paving & Coatings

When it comes to protecting your investment in your property, no one does seal coating like Integrity Paving & Coatings. We deliver an exceptional product and unmatched customer to meet all your expectations. As an honest and transparent company, we will also work with your schedule and budget to find the right fit for you.

Don’t wait to protect your property. Contact Integrity Paving & Coatings to get started with your seal coating today.


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