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5 Ways to Improve your Apartment Complex Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important for any home, but it is particularly important for apartment complexes. Your apartment complex curb appeal will either encourage potential tenants to stop and learn more, or make them want to drive by to explore other options. In that respect, you can either win or lose tenants simply by the appearance of your property.

Apartment complex curb appeal signals to the potential tenant that they will be safe on your property. A well-maintained complex also signals that the owners and managers care about the business, and therefore their tenants too.

Don’t miss out on any more potential tenants that are driving right by your complex! Follow these 5 ways to improve your apartment complex curb appeal today.

  1. Paint & Building Maintenance: Potential tenants first picture what it is like to live in your apartment complex by looking at the condition of the building itself. Sure, the inside might be stunning, but if the paint is fading and the building needs maintenance, the person is going to look for other options – these outside conditions may prevent them from ever taking a look inside! You can improve the outside appearance of buildings by repainting or touching up the paint, changing the siding, and making sure that all other elements (like gutters, shutters, doors, etc.) are well maintained.
  1. Parking Lot Maintenance: Beyond your buildings, the biggest part of your apartment complex, in terms of square footage, is your parking lot. The parking lot is more than just something people drive and park on; a well-maintained parking lot provides a safe and aesthetically pleasing look for your overall apartment complex.

Factors such as sun, water, oil or gas spills, and traffic load all contribute to parking lot deterioration, but you can keep your lot in good shape with some basic maintenance. This includes:

  • Seal Coating: Seal coating adds a layer of protection on top of your asphalt, blocking out UV rays, sealing tiny cracks and more. It also gives your parking lot a black, like-new appearance. Seal coating is basic maintenance that should be performed about every 3 years.
  • Filling Cracks: Cracks are inevitable, but if you don’t take steps to fix them they can grow and turn into even worse problems. Conducting a periodic parking lot scan can help you identify cracks and get them filled in time.
  • Drainage: Many parking lot problems are caused by pooling or standing water on top of the paved surface. To prevent this, make sure your drainage is working and maintained over time.
  • Parking Lot Striping: Are the stripes of your parking lot fading? Parking lot restriping offers a number of benefits for apartment complexes, including beauty, safety, and compliance with the laws.
  1. Green Grass & Landscaping: Tenants love a well-manicured lawn and landscaping accents. Green grass, flowers, trees and mulch make a potential tenant feel at home and welcome at your apartment complex. Invest in some low-maintenance landscaping, and make sure to keep up with lawn duties such as fertilizing, aerating and mowing.
  1. Lighting: Good lighting makes a potential tenant know that they will be safe on your property at night – or if they are driving after dark, it just might help them find your apartment complex in the first place. All buildings should be well lit as well as all sides, sections and corners of the parking lot. Once lighting is installed, make sure to maintain as needed.
  1. Clear Signage: Signage is important too, particularly for larger apartment complexes. Clear signage will help potential tenants understand the layout of your complex, locate the office, and find buildings. Good signage will also help your tenant’s guest navigate the complex with ease.

Maintaining your buildings, parking lots and specific elements (such as landscaping, lighting and signage) are all important elements that will improve your apartment complex curb appeal. Follow these tips to provide a beautiful, welcoming complex that will catch the eye of future tenants.

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