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Is Customer Service Dead?

I was fortunate enough to have been raised for a good amount of time by the grateful and resourceful generation of the Great Depression. Fortunate, you ask? Yes fortunate. I grew up spending a great deal of my time working with my grandmother in our rural Texas, small town grocery store. Before I knew any different, I was already thanking customers and asking them to come back and see us. I think my grandmother probably got a kick out of teaching a preschooler to say that to the customers! But guess what? It stuck. And as I go on into this world, a now seasoned professional, I must admit…I look for that in each encounter that I have with both service and retail focused industries.

So what does it mean to you to feel acknowledged with gratitude as you spend your hard earned money on goods and services? I can tell you for me, it means everything. It means they are “others” aware and that they realize the big picture. It means somewhere along their path, the owner or employee learned what it takes to make a living, and what it means to care for people.

At Integrity Paving and Coatings, we strive to mirror that valued art of customer service. From our first point of contact with a potential client, we feel it is crucial to give them clear communications with a smile throughout each step in the process of providing our services. We enjoy getting to know our customers and how they came to know us because we believe in the relationships that come from great customer service. I enjoy working in this locally owned, customer-focused business at Integrity Paving and thought I might blog about this tremendous quality that is still alive today. If not for any other reason, but to echo the reassuring idea that customer service is indeed not dead!

Pay attention to those who enjoy interacting with you in your day-to-day business correspondence and purchases. If you have been racing around at warp speed like the rest of us and haven’t noticed in a while, I think you’ll be pleasantly comforted in seeing that there are still people out there in business who care for their customers a great deal. We will certainly never stop striving to do our best here at Integrity when it comes to caring for our customers before, during and after the project is finished.

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