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Spec+Plus Crack Sealer

Spec+Plus Crack Sealer is an upgraded formula for sealing asphalt and concrete parking lot cracks.

A highly modified, single component, hot applied, rubber/asphalt joint and crack sealant. It is an elastomeric sealant (FLEXIBLE) which is compatible with and bonds aggressively to clean, dry concrete or asphalt pavements.

Pure Polymer Performance
Longest lasting crack / joint sealant for parking lots and roads

Increased Rubber Content
More pliability and improved resistance to water penetration.

Formulated to perform under extreme expansion and contraction conditions

Sets Firm & Fast
You can open pavement to traffic in 15 minutes.

Contains No Fillers
Will not settle

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  2. Kudos to Integrity Paving for shedding light on the importance of crack sealing in pavement maintenance. The SpecPlus Crack Sealer seems like a game-changer, addressing cracks effectively. The blog is informative and easy to comprehend, making it a must-read for anyone looking to enhance their pavement’s longevity.

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