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It is imperative that you comply with fire code and ADA regulations. At Integrity Paving and Coatings, all of our work is done with excellence while adhering to all published regulations.

Following Regulations is of Utmost Importance

Federal, state, and local regulations define everything from color to pattern to the spacing of a parking lot. Parking requirements are extremely important as they can help you avoid ADA lawsuits. Different codes pertain to different businesses, which is why it is imperative you hire a company with extensive knowledge of both Texas and Federal regulations.

Integrity Has the Experience

At Integrity Paving and Coatings, we have significant industry experience and make sure all of our projects completely follow all regulations. You can have the peace of mind that the professionals working on your project are doing so in a proper manner. Minimize any fears or concerns you have by hiring Integrity to handle all of your asphalt, concrete and parking lot striping needs

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