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Parking Lot Striping Needs Integrity

From a simple, fresh restripe to a brand-new blank canvas of asphalt or concrete that needs all markings necessary, your project deserves to be treated with absolute integrity—Integrity Paving & Coatings of Central Texas.

Contact us online or call us at 512-853-9009 for parking lot striping services in Central Texas.

Integrity = Austin’s Parking Lot Striping Experts

The planning and execution of parking lot layout and marking requires in-depth practical knowledge along with an understanding of space planning and aesthetics. We deliver on all counts and take into account convenience for your customers, tenants, and visitors—not to mention your budget.

We’re dedicated to serving your needs by offering the best quality striping services, regardless of the size of your parking lot—whether it’s a small space or several acres.

Your Credibility Starts With Integrity

When people pull into your parking lot, what kind of message are you sending about your business? Faded lines, markings, and lanes may convey the impression that you don’t take care of other quality aspects of your business—like your products, services, or customers. We know how much a newly striped parking lot helps create a memorable impression you can be proud of.

In addition to creating brand enhancement and property appeal, our lot painting services include:

Parking lot – new or restriping
Fire lanes & fire zones
Handicapped stalls & signage
Loading zones
No parking zones
Signage – directional, tow away or handicap
Speed bump – installation
Speed bumps – increased visibility paint
Wheel stops – installation or removal
Power washing & seal coating
Parking lot – new or restriping
Fire lanes & fire zones
Handicapped stalls & signage
Loading zones
No parking zones
Signage – directional, tow away or handicap
Speed bumps – installation or increased visibility paint
Wheel stops – installation or removal
Power washing & seal coating

Get a Line on the Best Parking Stripe Pros in Central Texas

The Integrity parking lot striping professionals are very familiar with how parking lots are constructed. This is why and how they get exceptionally precise paint striping results. Our team members take great pride in bringing a craftsmanship approach to every project with accurate placement, consistent color application, and uniform line and marking size.

Besides employing specialized equipment that ensures precision and thorough paint application, Integrity uses only high-quality materials approved by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Compliance Is Always Achieved With Integrity

A well-planned and -marked parking lot isn’t just about curb appeal. A clearly marked parking lot ensures greater safety and code compliance. We can help you maintain the most current pavement graphics for curbs, traffic, handicapped parking, and other safety markings. The advantages of relying on Integrity include:

ADA compliance
Clearly designated parking spaces
Fire lane visibility
Proper vehicle traffic flow
Proper pedestrian traffic flow
Safety and security

When you consider the inexpensive investment in a well-marked parking lot versus the all-too-real possibility of violations, accidents, and liability for property owners, Integrity offers the single most sensible and affordable solution.

Parking Lot Striping Completed Like Clockwork

Besides straight, precise, and fresh lines, we provide weekend and after-hours services and are ready with flexible scheduling. Whether you need a job done at your HOA, school, restaurant, church, apartment complex, commercial building, retail center, or any other type of business, we’ll work with your business hours and off hours. Our goal is to provide the absolute minimal disruption to your customers, clients, or tenants.

You Always Get Answers With Integrity

We know you probably have questions about the process of parking lot striping and the other designated markings necessary for your business. Here are a few of the ones we get most often. If you don’t see the information you’re curious about, please do not hesitate to ask us for more details.

How much does it cost to get my parking lot re-striped?

The cost for re-striping will depend upon the size of your parking lot and the number of spaces that must be repainted. We’ve done small jobs for as low as $500 and huge projects for more than $40,000. Large parking lot re-striping is priced at a lower aggregate rate per spot. We also have a list of other parking lot maintenance services that we provide that includes parking lot sweeping, power washing, and seal coating.

Do I need to get my parking lot resealed before re-painting the spaces?

Integrity recommends doing seal coating and repainting at the same time. The sealing helps to provide a blank surface for repainting. But we are glad to provide this striping as a stand-alone service as well if you do not want to consider seal coating at this time.

What kind of paint does Integrity use to line parking lots?

The paint that we use is a waterborne acrylic alkyd striping paint that meets the highest VOC standards.

How often should buildings get their parking lots re-striped?

We recommend parking lot striping at least every three years.

Can Integrity do re-striping on the inside of parking garages?

Yes, we use a walk-behind striping machine that allows us to paint inside of parking garages.

Schedule a Time to Shoot Straight With Integrity

Whether you are a business owner, a general contractor, or a property manager, we know your time is valuable and we respect how busy your schedule can be. Often it’s easy to overlook faded striping, worn-thin markings, and inadequate or hard-to-see signage with so many other responsibilities. But the time to do something about these issues is before your customers notice it or are impacted by it.

Since we are flexible when it comes to scheduling your free, on-site visit and estimate, you can learn more about our expertise and affordable rates when it’s convenient for you.


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