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Paved outdoor surfaces take a beating. Between the unrelenting Texas sun, torrential downpours, and wear and tear from vehicle traffic, your parking lots and access roads don’t stand a chance—not without asphalt seal coating in Killeen.

If you notice that the blacktop outside your business looks faded and cracked, don’t wait for the problem to get any worse. Work with our asphalt company to help your roads look like new for years to come!

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How Seal Coating Works

Applying asphalt sealer is a lot like putting on sunscreen to protect your skin or wearing a raincoat to keep your clothes dry. A new topcoat protects your pavement from the elements, so it won’t fade and crack as quickly.

During our years in business, Integrity Paving & Coatings has mastered a tried-and-true method for sealing blackstops in Killeen. First, we clear the road of debris and oil spots. Then, we apply a thin primer, followed by a 1/8-inch-thick layer of asphalt emulsion. This creates an impenetrable barrier that repels sunlight and water. Before calling the job complete, we apply additional sealer around the perimeter with a hand squeegee, forming a nice, clean edge.

Benefits of Asphalt Seal Coating

Parking lot seal coating is designed to prolong the life of paved surfaces by protecting them from sun, rain, and vehicle traffic. Include seal coating in your asphalt maintenance program to enjoy these benefits:

  • Protection from UV exposure that can weaken asphalt
  • Defense against potholes by preventing water penetration
  • Resistance against gasoline, oil, antifreeze, and other chemical stains
  • Decreased rate of deterioration resulting from heavy traffic
  • Postponed need for asphalt repair and replacement
  • Improved roadway aesthetics
  • Doubled life span for your pavement

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How Often to Seal Coat Your Pavement

Asphalt seal coating contractors recommend applying a new topcoat six months to a year following the new installation and then every four to seven years after that. This simple routine maintenance costs mere pennies per square foot compared to several dollars per square foot for extensive asphalt repair or replacement. With a bit of prevention, your parking lot should need no additional maintenance for at least the first five to 10 years.

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Types of Seal Coating

Three primary materials can be used as an asphalt topcoat—asphalt emulsions, coal tar, or acrylics. At Integrity Paving & Coatings, we have determined that asphalt emulsion is the best material for the job. It’s easy to apply, creates a strong and resilient seal, and emits fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the application and drying process.

We use a comparably better seal coat emulsion that features a special rubberized hardener for improved effectiveness, superior adhesion, and a shorter drying time. And unlike many of our competitors, we don’t water down our seal coatings to save money. This means you can expect the best possible outcome when you work with us!

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