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At Integrity Paving & Coatings, our asphalt experts give your concrete projects the attention they deserve. We offer a full range of concrete services, including high-quality concrete paving and repair services you can depend on. We work closely with you to find solutions that fit your budget and resolve problems with cracks and other damage. When you want to upgrade your concrete, enhance your property’s value, and preserve your existing concrete’s integrity, you can depend on our team to deliver superior results.

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Commercial Concrete Paving

Your business needs are constantly evolving, and our team is always prepared to help you install the features you need to move your business forward. Our goal is to help you better serve your clients and customers with long-lasting sidewalks, convenient parking decks, reliable curbs, ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps, and more. We have the skills, resources, and equipment required to serve the needs of any size business in the region.

Our clients include:

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Benefits of Upgrading Your Commercial Paving

Upgrading your commercial paving offers many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved accessibility
  • Increased property value
  • Increased productivity
  • And more!

Commercial Concrete Paving Applications

We offer a comprehensive range of customized concrete paving solutions in Kyle to meet your needs. Our solutions are tailored to provide durable, lasting performance based on our climate, soil conditions, and other factors. Our team can install the following and more:

  • Sidewalks
  • Stairs
  • Curbs
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Walkways
  • Parking decks

Commercial Finish Options & Services

When you replace the concrete at your commercial property, there is a chance the new pour doesn’t match your vision. Integrity Paving & Coatings offers commercial concrete finishes that will give your new concrete the desired design or texture. Our finishes include:

  • Light broom finishes
  • Salt finishes
  • Colored, textured, and stamped surfaces
  • Washed finishes
  • Seeded finishes

Commercial Concrete Repair in Kyle

Concrete is durable, but it’s not indestructible. Over time, corrosion, aggregate expansion, chemical damage, tree root growth, shrinkage, and accidents can degrade the integrity of your concrete. Our commercial concrete repair services are customized to address the underlying problems damaging your concrete so that we can implement lasting solutions that will protect your concrete from further damage.

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Warning Signs You Need Concrete Repair

Prompt attention to signs of damage is the best way to minimize the extent of the required repairs. If you notice the following, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our concrete repair specialists without delay:

  • Visible cracks
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Pooling water
  • Aged appearance
  • Spalling or flaking
  • Crumbling or chipping
  • Pitting

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Why Choose Integrity for Concrete Paving and Repair Services in Kyle?

At Integrity Paving & Coatings, our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety and reliability of your concrete structures. We work closely with you to deliver safe, affordable solutions that restore the structural integrity of your parking lots, ramps, curbs, etc. We always provide honest assessments, exceptional quality, and on-time job completion!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair my concrete myself?

Minor problems, such as small cracks, chips, etc., are easily repaired. However, it’s always best to have these adequately examined by a professional because they can hint at more extensive problems.

How long do concrete repairs last?

It depends on the type of repair and the extent of the damage. High-quality repairs should last at least 10 years after application.

Is it better to repair or replace damaged concrete?

This depends on the extent of the damage and any underlying cause(s). In most cases, concrete replacement isn’t necessary, and we do everything possible to preserve your existing concrete structures.

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