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Parking lots experience harsh treatment between the daily pressure and friction of heavy vehicles and getting battered by the wind, rain, and cold. Eventually, the damage will show.

However, you can protect your investment with asphalt maintenance from Integrity Paving & Coatings. When sun-fading or cracks appear, it’s time to protect and refresh your parking lot with a cost-effective seal coating.

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What Is Seal Coating & How Does It Work?

North San Antonio has no shortage of apartments, offices, condos, strip malls, and many other businesses that rely on private roadways and parking lots to serve customers. You need asphalt seal coating to make a good first impression and prevent minor issues from progressing to significant damage to repair.

Also called pavement sealing, seal coating is a maintenance coat applied to repair minor cracking, freshen the look of your asphalt, and protect the surface, much like sunscreen protects your skin from UV rays. At Integrity, we follow a careful process to provide customers with quality seal coating that maximizes the sealing benefits.

  1. We first clear all debris from the surface, then treat oil spots.
  2. Next, we apply a primer layer and let it thoroughly dry.
  3. A one-eighth-inch layer is applied next to create an impenetrable barrier.
  4. Last, we squeegee extra sealant around the pavement’s perimeter to give the asphalt a clean, finished edge.

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Benefits of Seal Coating

The following list of benefits will explain why asphalt seal coating is key to paving maintenance:

  1. Pavement is restored to the original rich, black, even color.
  2. Cleanup becomes more manageable, like with wax polish on a car.
  3. The coating resists oil and gas spills that weaken asphalt.
  4. It protects against sun and water damage.
  5. It slows down the oxidation that causes cracks to form over time.
  6. Periodic seal coating is far less expensive than replacing failed pavement.
  7. The life of your roadway or parking lot is extended by years.

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What Happens if You Don’t Seal Coat?

Without seal coating, your North San Antonio parking lot or roadway will crack, deteriorate, and require replacement years sooner than it would otherwise. Asphalt seal coating can repair cracks up to one-eighth inches wide, sealing against moisture that would otherwise widen the gaps and erode the sub-base. At your free on-site consultation with Integrity, we assess the condition of your pavement and then recommend the most affordable and protective solutions for maintenance and repair.

Prevent Later Issues With Seal Coat Maintenance

Your first round of seal coating should be done six to 12 months after pavement installation. After that, new sealant should be applied every four to seven years. Keeping up with pavement coating is essential to protect your investment and avoid unnecessary expenditures to fix avoidable issues.

Pennies spent per square foot on protection will prevent expensive per-square-foot repairs.

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Types of Seal Coating

The three main types of seal coating are coal tar, asphalt emulsions, and acrylics. Our preferred material at Integrity is asphalt emulsion, which is simple to apply and creates a strong and resilient seal. It’s also healthier and better for the environment as it emits fewer VOCs during installation. The particular blend of asphalt emulsion outperforms acrylics, coal tar, and even the asphalt emulsions used by other companies. It features a rubberized hardener that improves adhesion, boosts effectiveness, and reduces drying time by half.

Why Choose Integrity for Your North San Antonio Asphalt Seal Coating?

At Integrity, we deliver excellent customer service and quality asphalt seal coating in North San Antonio at a reasonable price. We don’t need to hassle or pressure potential customers to bring in business. Our assessments are free and have no obligation. We give you the necessary information and let you choose what works for you.

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Sealcoating FAQs

Should you seal coat asphalt in the winter?

Asphalt repairs and maintenance should always be done as soon as possible. However, seal coating in winter is more expensive and likely to be of lower quality. Successful seal coating requires an outdoor temperature of over 50 degrees throughout the installation.

Why are asphalt companies so concerned about the weather, even when it isn’t winter?

Many kinds of weather can negatively affect seal coating, and your asphalt company wants to do a good job. Humidity, for example, can’t be too high during installation because it causes the sealant to take much longer to dry.

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