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Asphalt Paving in the Winter in Austin? Integrity Paving Has the Answers

One question that arises in the minds of the people is whether it is possible to get asphalt paving in the winter in Austin Texas. Whether you are looking to get a new pavement constructed or wish to replace an old one, asphalt is considered to be the ideal material for the job. Asphalt can be easily reused and recycled and is thus known to be environment-friendly. If you live in Austin Texas, you might have heard about many companies offering paving and seal coating services and you may be curious if it’s a service you can get done during this especially long and cold winter we’ve been having this season. To understand this, it is important first to know how temperature plays an important role during the complete process.


When the asphalt is initially brought to the site, it is sweltering and requires staying at a high temperature during the whole process. In case the asphalt cools down while the process is taking place, it will not be able to achieve the desired compaction, and the result will not be smooth and consistent. Once the asphalt layer has been laid out the inconsistency of the layer will cause the drying out process to vary throughout the pavement.

Surrounding Temperature

The temperature of the asphalt is not the only factor that affects the result. The temperature of your surrounding will also have a great impact. Hence, if you are attempting to take care of this job during winters, it will be challenging to manage the surrounding temperature while you carry out the asphalt paving. Ideally, the temperature should be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit to generate the right results. Not only will the surrounding temperature affect the asphalt layering but will also determine the overall duration of the drying out process.

Base Temperature

The surrounding temperature does not have as much effect as the temperature of the ground. The asphalt layering cannot be done if the ground is frozen and hence the temperature for the day you plan for the job as well as for the coming days should be checked beforehand. By using an infrared thermometer, the temperature of the base will be checked before starting the job. This is essential because the moisture that is sometimes trapped in between the cracks can prove to be a serious problem when laying out your asphalt. This trapped water can cause the asphalt to split and give rise to cracks and even potholes.


In the end, it can be concluded that the overall temperature has a huge impact on the quality of your asphalt pavement. Keeping in mind the general climate in Austin, it is recommended to avoid carrying out seal coating or asphalt paving in the winter. It’s best to wait till the spring so that the damage caused during the cold weather can also be repaired once the winter is over. Having a smooth surface for the asphalt pavement is necessary for its longevity. To ensure this smooth surface; you should try to get the asphalt paving job done before or after the winter season.

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