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While America is certainly more car-centric than most countries, you’ll still need some way to get people from their cars inside your business or residence, which usually means putting down concrete sidewalks. This type of concrete installation can be difficult to manage on your own, not to mention how hard it can be to maintain a sidewalk once it’s in place.

Fortunately, our dependable paving professionals can help with your concrete sidewalk installation and repair in Austin. From minor cracks and stains to major structural flaws that require more serious action, our dedicated team is ready to provide the solutions you need.

What Causes Sidewalk Concrete to Break Down?

No concrete structure can last forever, no matter how well-built or well-maintained. Regular pedestrian traffic over sidewalks will inevitably wear the material down and potentially lead to cracks, depressions, and even chunks of concrete coming loose altogether. There are also various other hazards that can significantly reduce the lifespan of outdoor concrete in Austin, including:

  • Water damage caused by seepage through cracks or improper sealing
  • Plant roots
  • Oil stains
  • Mold building
  • Temperature fluctuations, especially for sidewalks that are often in direct sunlight during the day
  • Natural settling of the soil under the sidewalk’s base layer

Some of these problems can be addressed fairly simply with pressure washing, heavy-duty cleaning chemicals, grouting, caulking, or other small patch jobs. However, these methods are short-term solutions, and they typically only work well if the concrete as a whole is in good condition and still has good structural integrity.

Fixing, Replacing, and Building New Concrete Sidewalks

If your concrete sidewalk has sustained extensive damage in the form of extremely wide cracks or loose pieces, or if there is substantial discoloration, spalling, or a history of unsuccessful minor repairs, it may be time to seek repair and installation services. Bringing in a professional doesn’t always mean a full replacement is necessary—for instance, sagging or sinking sidewalk slabs can often be leveled back in their original position with help from qualified Austin experts.

If full replacement is necessary, our team can diagnose the problem(s) promptly, keep you in the loop throughout the replacement process, and get you high-quality results. We strive to build partnerships with our customers that aren’t just built around raw transactions. We want you to be happy not just with the final result, but also with the integrity and value with which we provided it.

Contact Our Austin Team About Concrete Sidewalk Installation and Repair

Not every crack and divot in a concrete sidewalk is cause for panic. You can do a lot on your own or with professional assistance to keep your sidewalk in good condition for many years after it’s initially put in place. If you need help making more in-depth repairs or want to install a new sidewalk where there isn’t one now, though, you should enlist the help of experienced professionals.

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