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How Important is Parking Lot Striping for Commercial Property?

If you own a commercial building and/or property in Austin Texas, how important is parking lot striping? How important is it to have a parking lot that is welcoming and comforting for your clients, employees, and prospective tenants? Parking lot striping plays an important role in making a parking lot look more attractive and hospitable. Asphalt companies can help you with striping your parking lot at affordable rates.  However, before we move on to how the striping is done, we will first discuss why striping is essential for your commercial building parking lot. Here are some reasons:

1. ADA Compliance

The American Disabilities Act has strict requirements for commercial parking lots in Austin Texas and the entire country. They require every commercial building to offer marked spaces for the handicapped. This cannot be done unless you use striping to reduce the possibility of confusion. Not only will striping, in this case, cause convenience to your handicapped personnel and customers but you will also be following the law.

2. Safety and Security

Just as it is essential to have signs and specified areas for pedestrians on a busy road, it is also important to have the same designated areas for pedestrians in a parking lot. This is done by striping the parking lot and marking cross-walks that will reduce the chances of any accidents taking place on your business’ premises.

3. Guide the Traffic

Another reason why striping is considered significant is to make the drivers aware of the traffic flow and guide the traffic in one particular direction. This is because it can be very easy for drivers to end up on the wrong side in a parking lot. Hence, the owners can do a big favor to drivers by clearly marking the direction of the traffic.

4. Increased Parking Spaces

One big advantage of striping your parking lot is the increased parking services that result from clearly designated areas for parking of a particular car. This is important because, in case of no striping, the drivers would be allowed to park wherever and however they would like. This can become tricky because the building owners cannot control the traffic coming in and need to have an organized mechanism to deal with the problems arising from a limited parking lot. By striping your parking lot, you can prevent your parking lot from becoming unsystematic and crowded and can maximize the number of parking spaces available.

5. Visual Appeal

Imagine a parking lot with no lines or markings; it will make the building look dull and gloomy. With the passage of time, the striping that you use in your parking lot might become dull and lose its attraction. Hence, it is an excellent idea to restripe your parking lot to increase the visual appeal of the parking lot. The freshly painted white or yellow lines on top of your black parking area will make your premises look welcoming and eye-catching.

How Important is Parking Lot Striping for Commercial Property?

Striping your parking lot will help you create a welcoming and convenient environment for your clients, employees, and prospective tenants in Austin Texas. So, pick up your phone and call a professional Austin Texas asphalt paving company today!

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