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Perform Asphalt Pavement Maintenance to Prolong it’s Life

Whether it is the winters or the summers, your asphalt pavement outside your gorgeous house or your impressive commercial building needs a lot of care and maintenance. In Austin, there are numerous options out there that will give you the assurance of high-quality services for your driveway or parking lot needs. However, once you have given your driveway or parking lot a beautiful finish, it is important to ensure proper asphalt pavement maintenance to prolong the life and avoid incurring high costs associated with repairs. In this article, we will share with you some tips you can use to take care of your asphalt pavement in an effective way.

1. Seal Coating

Seal coating is one of the most effective and popular asphalt pavement maintenance techniques for regular cracks and damage. Not only will this extra layer protect from UV rays but will also prevent cracks and water damage. Furthermore, whenever you find your asphalt pavement to be deteriorating a seal coating job can prevent it from further damage and will also give a brand new outlook.

2. Filling Potholes

Keep looking for the occurrence of potholes on your asphalt pavement; this is because a pothole needs to be addressed quickly to avoid further deterioration and high costs associated with repairs. Potholes are first thoroughly cleaned and they, are filled with the right binding mixtures to patch the potholes.

3. Getting Rid of Standing Water / Snow in Winters

The presence of water in any form on your asphalt pavement will prove to be detrimental to its maintenance. Hence, you do not want water in any form coming in contact with the pavement for too long.During winters, it becomes necessary to remove the snow or ice from your pavement or driveway in order to prevent causing inconvenience to the people looking to park. For commercial purposes, you would incline towards the use of deicers. However, it is beneficial to know that the use of deicers is highly discouraged because of the effect on the salinity of the water. It is recommended instead to use other eco-friendly and natural options that you can opt for.

4. Filling Cracks

Seal coating is recommended to be implemented regularly after a few years. However, throughout the year it is important to keep an eye on cracks and address them immediately. Filling small cracks is something that does not require a lot of time or cost. Hence, it is advised to fill the small cracks as soon as they appear to prevent your asphalt pavement in Austin from undergoing further deterioration.

5. Prevent Heavy Loading as much as possible

Even though it is difficult to prevent heavy loading in your commercial parking lot, it is essential to protect your asphalt pavement in Austin from frequent heavy loading. The presence of such vehicles can adversely affect the condition of the pavement.

So if you are looking to protect your asphalt pavement from incurring damage and costing you money, make sure you use these tips to assure maintenance of the pavement.

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