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Think of your parking lot as a blank canvas if you are getting ready to clear the property, grade it, and install the lot to benefit your customers. If your lot is of a certain age, it may require maintenance and a touch-up. Either way, you want to provide a safe place for your customers to park that is aesthetically pleasing and complies with legal signage and striping regulations.

Integrity Paving is the contractor trusted by thousands to provide parking lot services in Central Texas. From overgrown areas that need to be transformed with asphalt or concrete paving to repair and sealing services, we’ve got you covered.

Parking Lot Construction and Repair

New construction entails not only the building that houses your new or expanding enterprise, but also the adjacent parking lot that makes it easier for customers to patronize your business. At Integrity Paving, we have the necessary equipment, expert installers, and know-how to handle your Central Texas parking lot project properly. We pay attention to logistics, coordinating personnel and materials, so the project runs smoothly and on time.

If your parking lot is older and is beginning to show signs of wear, we can repair what could escalate into more problems if early signs are ignored. We begin by pressure washing your surface to remove all debris, and then address problem areas.

Cracking, Potholes, and Depressions

If you see small cracks that resemble an alligator’s hide or a spider’s web, now is the time to repair your parking lot. Asphalt uses a binder that becomes brittle over time, and the weight vehicles subject a surface to eventually causes cracking. This breaks the seal to the sub-base, allowing rain to seep below the surface and erode the soil, rendering the area unstable. Block cracks, which deepen and widen, also destabilize the affected section. These cracks could lead to potholes if left untreated. Depressions sinking in the asphalt indicate that the sub-base is eroding and will only worsen.

Our trained professionals at Integrity Paving could fill parking lot cracks and seal the area, remove the pavement, repair the sub-base, and repave when necessary.

Asphalt Seal Coating

Seal coating your asphalt surface prevents cracking and potholes and could extend the life of your parking lot in Central Texas. Seal coating can be applied to new lots as soon as they cure or after cracking and pothole repairs to older lots.

Car Stop Installation

Car stops are concrete barriers that prevent motorists from driving beyond the delegated parking space. They also segregate landscaping and parking lot hazards—such as grocery carts—and aid in keeping parking garage users from running into walls.

ADA Approved Striping

All parking lots in Central Texas must adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines and provide accessible spaces and proper signage. Do not guess how many spaces you need or what size they need to be; we will take care of it for you.

Speed Bumps

Speed bumps force speeders in your parking lot to slow down. Installing them shows you are a responsible owner with your customers’ safety in mind. Speed bumps also control traffic flow and reduce noise generated by speeders.

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We named our company Integrity Paving because it symbolizes the most important values we live by—treating our customers fairly, keeping our promises, being honest and transparent with our pricing, and valuing you.

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