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As a commercial business owner, you likely want to make your property safe for customers. You want their experience to be pleasant so they will return. Making the premises safe includes your parking lot.

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What Is a Car Stop?

Parking lot car stops are sometimes called wheel stops or parking blocks because they block a vehicle’s wheels from exceeding the space earmarked for a car to park. You use them when you pull into a spot and creep up until you feel the auto’s wheels hit the concrete parking block, telling you that you can’t go any farther.

Parking lot car stops are also used to protect or collect items vulnerable to being hit by vehicles, such as garbage dumpsters and grocery store shopping carts. They line pedestrian walkways and define motorcycle or bicycle lanes, too. If your lot is an indoor parking garage, these stops prevent motorists from hitting the wall in front of the parking space. For a free consultation to learn about how wheel stops could benefit your Central Texas business, call Integrity Paving.

Added Aesthetic Value

Parking lot car stops add to the aesthetics of your property by allowing you to separate planned landscaping from the traffic flow, ensuring motorists do not run over or into it. The car stops also help guide the traffic flow. In large lots in Central Texas, parking spaces facing each other can be separated with car stops set far enough apart to create walkways that give grocery shoppers a safe and direct path to the store.

How We Make Concrete Parking Stops

After consulting with you and surveying your Central Texas lot, we cast your concrete parking stops using concrete mixes that offer long-lasting results. We determine the exact placement areas and size of the stops. Cast stops are molded in one piece so there are no weak spots where two or more pieces have been fused. The stops feature integrated inner steel rods to add to their strength.

We have the equipment to ensure these large and weighty stops are properly drilled for lag anchors, moved into place, and secured to the lot with the proper number of wedge bolts. This helps them stay put even after being hit by motor vehicles.

Let Us Handle the Car Stop Installation for Your Central Texas Parking Lot

We treat our customers as partners because they are. Seventy percent of our customer base have used our services before or are referred to us. We don’t offer excuses. We get the job done, and our customers get quality asphalt and concrete work.

If you are considering installing parking lot car stops, call Integrity Paving for a free consultation. We are proud to offer high-quality parking lot car stop installation in Central Texas.

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