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How Many Handicapped Parking Spaces Are Required?

Anytime a business or organization is building a publicly accessible parking lot, it is important to ensure that provisions are included to maximize access for anyone living with disabilities. This means that the appropriate number of car- and van-accessible handicapped parking spaces must be provided relative to the total capacity of the parking lot.

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What Are the Latest ADA Standards?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, any place of public accommodation, such as apartment buildings, retail stores, educational institutions, motels, and recreational facilities, must have a set number of accessible parking spaces based on the total size of the parking facility. The latest ADA Standards for Accessible Design, published in the Federal Register on September 15, 2010, set the following requirements for accessible parking spaces:

Accessible parking spaces can be divided into two categories: car-accessible parking spaces and van-accessible parking spaces.

What Are Car- & Van-Accessible Parking Spaces?

Car-accessible parking paces provide room for a wheelchair or walker to navigate along the side of the parked vehicle. They must be at least 96 inches wide to accommodate the car, and they must have a 60-inch-wide access aisle adjacent to the parking space for maneuvering.

To provide clearance for chair lifts, van-accessible parking spaces must be at least 132 inches wide, and they must have a 60-inch or wider access aisle adjacent to the parking space. In both cases, two accessible parking spaces may share the same accesses aisle.

How Many Van-Accessible Parking Spaces Are Required?

Ideally, a facility should have both van- and car-accessible parking spaces to provide the best possible access, but that is not always viable due to space requirements or layout. According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s 2010 ADA Standards of Accessible Design, for every six accessible parking spaces in a parking facility, at least one must be a van-accessible parking space. In smaller parking facilities that require only one accessible parking space, that space must be a van-accessible parking space.

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