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Your parking lot is the first impression prospective customers have of your business. Our dedicated professionals are confident we can make your lot look great: Whether you are starting with a new lot, need a lot repaired, or would like to prolong a lot’s life with a superior coating, Integrity Paving is your Austin-based asphalt repair contractor. We’re proud that our reputation mirrors our name: Integrity. We provide the highest-quality professional commercial paving and coating in Central Texas.

Commercial Paving Services

In Central Texas, commercial paving includes a variety of situations that require laying new asphalt or concrete surfaces or repairing damaged areas. You might need repairs when you begin seeing:

Both asphalt and concrete surfaces have benefits and drawbacks, and our knowledgeable experts will assess the job you are considering and talk to you about your best options. We stay on top of technological advances in the paving industry to provide durable pavement through proper mixes, crushed aggregates, and the best asphalt. Integrity Paving does it right the first time, so you can begin using your new or repaired surface as quickly as possible.

We handle a wide variety of commercial jobs across Central Texas including:

Whether you’re looking to surface a lot with concrete or asphalt, contact us today for a free consultation about your paving project.

Seal Coating and Other Services To Enhance Your Pavement

Seal coating extends the life of your asphalt project, whether it’s done when the asphalt is first paved or after your asphalt has been repaired. The tar used to bind asphalt becomes dries out and cracks over time, which allows rain and air to seep into the sub-base; this causes erosion and instability, damaging the surface. Sealant is a critical tool to fill surface cracks, protect against crumbling and softening, and that renews your asphalt surface to its original, smooth, jet-black appearance. Seal coating makes it easier to clean your pavement, too.

We also offer services to enhance your concrete and asphalt pavement projects including:

  • Pressure-washing
  • Installing speed bumps
  • Line-striping for parking lots and roads

For all your commercial paving and coating needs, call the contractor Central Texans trust, Integrity Paving.

Call for Commercial Paving and Coating Services in Central Texas

We have found that getting to know our customers and treating them like friends has resulted in a base that is made up of 70 percent repeat and referred customers. Our philosophy draws from the old adage, “The customer is always right.”

We provide transparency in our pricing: You will never be hit with hidden fees or a larger bill than what we quote you. We are flexible enough to do the job around your needs and we manage all aspects of your job, so you never have to wait around because the contractor didn’t schedule enough paving specialists or order enough materials.

You can trust what we tell you—our word is our bond. That’s why our name is Integrity. It’s everything we stand for. For the best commercial paving and coating in Central Texas, look no further; call us today for a free consultation.

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